Five top dream match miracles for Christmas in 2021

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The Christmas spirit is in the air as everyone opens their gift and celebrates the holidays with friends and family. The year is over and wrestling fans are looking forward to what’s next across the wrestling industry. Before that, imagine a world where wrestling gifts are handed out in professional wrestling. If that were the case, here are three dream matches that wrestling fans would want to find under their trees on Christmas morning.

Deonna Purrazzo versus Britt Baker

It was a gross injustice that the “Forbidden Door” experiment with All Elite Wrestling did not include any women. While Kenny Omega was featured in Impact, The Good Brothers came to AEW, KENTA, and others from New Japan took part, fans still wanted to see the women take part. One of the promotion’s biggest stars in Thunder Rosa started her run to prominence because of a “loaner” situation from NWA. A massive match was ripe for the taking but was sadly left out of the equation.

Deonna Purrazzo continues to enjoy the best run of her career. Since leaving WWE, she’s perhaps the biggest miss of any individual released in the last two years. She’s the biggest star in Impact and one of the top performers in the industry.

Then you have Britt Baker that’s going on a similar tear in AEW. The T-shirt may say otherwise, but Baker is one of the pillars of the promotion and continues to be one of the top stars for the company. Her tenure as champion is slowly losing steam as the matches become predictable and a top challenger isn’t present.

At the height of the AEW and Impact partnership, the match between Purrazzo and Baker could have headlined any show. The fans wanted to see it, but sadly both promotions missed out on the opportunity.

Kairi Sane versus Asuka

“Missed opportunities” should be the WWE’s nickname. The company consistently misses moments that fans want to see, simply by choice and out of spite to their so-called “WWE Universe.” There are many examples to use, but Kairi Sane versus Asuka is a big one that fans wanted to witness.

When Sane and Asuka were paired together as The Kabuki Warriors, they were one of the best tag teams in the promotion. They put on excellent matches while being entertaining any time they were in the ring. Their TLC match against Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair was one of the top contests throughout all of 2019. They were one of the MVPs of the early COVID-19 era of WWE until Sane was written off television so she could return home to Japan.

Sane’s WWE contract is over and fans speculate what’s next for her career. Wherever, if anywhere she should show up next the fact will remain that WWE missed a huge opportunity with a singles match between Kairi Sane and Asuka.

Seth Rollins versus Kota Ibushi

Remember the Cruiserweight Classic? No? It was that 2016 WWE tournament where some of the best matches in recent history went down. It featured names like Johnny Gargano, Zack Sabre Jr., Tommaso Ciampa, Mustafa Ali, and more. But none came with more hype than Kota Ibushi. Yes, former IWGP World Champion, Kota Ibushi. However, before WWE could sign him for a long-term deal, he smartly left the company and the rest is history.

But imagine if he stayed and somehow avoided the double whammy of the cruiserweight and NXT curse while making it to the main roster. Imagine a world where he and Seth Rollins were on the same brand and somehow ended up in a singles match with time to compete at the highest level. You there yet? Yes, it’s bliss.

Rollins and Ibushi are two of the top performers in the industry today. They can put on excellent matches with any person standing across from them. It might be a pipe dream to think about these two men in the ring together, but this pairing fits into the exact definition of a dream match.

Roman Reigns versus Kenny Omega

Roman Reigns versus Kenny Omega. That’s it. That’s the match. If there was a way that AEW and WWE could come together for a one-night showcase, this is the match to headline the entire thing. Reigns and Omega will be at the top of every “Wrestler of the Year” list for 2021. It will be intriguing to see who comes out with top honors where, but both men are well-deserving of the award.

Everything about the build of this matchup would be special. The promos, video packages, marketing materials – these are two top men at the peak of their games with the stories to tell about it. Reigns is enjoying a WWE Universal Championship run that is well into its second year. Omega, while out of action, is getting a well-deserved rest after carrying AEW and much of wrestling on his back. Professional wrestling hasn’t seen a match this big.

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Now the question of who would win is a whole different conversation. That debate is too long for this piece, so let’s just enjoy the idea of Roman and Kenny standing across from each other while the crowd blows the roof off the building.