AEW is keeping it simple with Hook and it is working

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AEW has to continue to take things slow with Hook

Two matches in and the current verdict out on Hook is a resounding, “Yes!” For months fans pleaded with Tax to “send Hook,” and now that it’s started AEW is taking the right steps to present him in a fashion that is working with fans. Everything about Hook that is succeeding can be summed up in the quick statement that keeping it simple works in professional wrestling.

Fans recognized that there was something special about Hook right out the gate. What started as a meme of sorts caught on to one of the hottest debuts of a new talent seen in AEW to date. Without saying a word, Hook has transitioned from a background character into an individual that many believe has the potential to be a star in the future.

But before diving into that potential, it’s important to recognize all the support around Hook. Of course, there’s his father in Taz. If your understanding of Taz’s tenure in wrestling only amounts to WWE and his time in commentary in other promotions, stop reading and immediately track down his work in ECW. It’s a lot to ask Hook to step into those shoes, but he has the right person in his corner to help guide him on the path that will be his own.

Plus, Taz is playing a part in the development of Powerhouse Hobbs and Ricky Starks at the same time. He’s giving back to AEW’s youth movement more than just developing his son into a budding star.

Bear Bronson and Fuego Del Sol both deserve a lot of praise for putting Hook over successfully in his first two matches. While both matches were close to what would be considered a squash, they each gave a distinctive look at him at the same time. He’s showing that he is developing the ability to work with a myriad of styles in the ring, which is important if he’s going to successfully present as a “shooter.”

Highlight Hook’s strengths while hiding his weaknesses

It’s also important to recognize what is not happening early in Hook’s presentation on television. No convoluted backstory. No long-winded promos. No distraction finishes or needless losses. Everything that is shown on television is meant to highlight his strengths while hiding his weaknesses or areas for growth. That’s a simple step in helping a wrestler get over, especially someone who is as new to the industry as Hook.

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It’s too early to claim that AEW has a superstar on their hands or to call Hook overrated. But one can recognize that he has the potential to be something special on this roster in time. There’s excitement around his growth and fans want to see it, while going along for the ride. That’s what’s important when building a new star and keeping it simple along the way.