Ruby Soho should win the TBS Championship Tournament

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The TBS Championship tournament has been great at showcasing AEW’s women’s division. With the exception of one match, the tournament matches have had decent time lengths. Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come for how the TBS championship is defended.

Tony Khan has said the TBS Championship is the sister title to the TNT Championship. Khan has been vocal about the TNT Championship being on the same level as the AEW World Championship. It would be fair to assume that the TBS Championship will be equal to the AEW Women’s Championship.

The tournament has come down to the veteran, Ruby Soho, and the newcomer, Jade Cargill. They are both two worthy finalists. Soho brings over a decade of experience with her to the ring. She is a veteran of the indie scene as well as WWE. She knows how to work a TV audience and a live crowd. Soho is a very talented wrestler and is someone who should’ve been a champion in her most recent company.

Cargill has been on a tear since she first debuted in AEW. She is charismatic and commands a room. Cargill is athletic and shows a lot of promise in the ring. In the way, she reminds me of Trish Stratus. AEW knew what they had in Cargill and were quick to sign her. They have done an excellent job at protecting her while she gets a better handle of the ring.

With a new title, the inaugural champion sets the tone. They will be the measuring stick and the first one to define the title. We have seen AEW do this with Chris Jericho, RIHO, Cody Rhodes, and SCU respectively. Every inaugural champion has been an established wrestler. While RIHO was unknown to many American fans, she was very well known in Joshi wrestling. If AEW keeps with this trend, then Soho is the obvious answer.

Even without the previous precedent, Soho should be the first champion. She has the poise and experience to hold the title. “The Runaway” is one of the best women on AEW’s roster and she is worthy of being a champion. She has been impressive since her debut as “The Joker” at ALL OUT.

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Although Cargill is “that b—h”, she needs a little more time before she is carrying gold. If her momentum stays at its current pace and her in-ring abilities continue to strengthen, it’s only a matter of time before she is a champion.

With the lofty expectations that come with being a champion–let alone the inaugural champion– someone like Soho can handle that pressure while establishing a brand new title. Now is the time to push Soho to the next level while simultaneously establishing the brand new TBS Championship.