WWE Hot Predictions 2022: Roman Reigns Will Go To Hollywood


Happy New Year! WWE is heading into WWE Day 1 2022, and now is the ideal time to make some hot and bold predictions for the year of 2022 in WWE. Who will win the Royal Rumble? Who will Money in the Bank? Who will dethrone Becky Lynch? Who will dethrone Roman Reigns? Will WWE end the brand split, merge the divisions, and/or possibly go on sale? All of those questions and more will be answered in the following masterpiece. It’s now time to preview and predict what will actually occur in WWE’s 2022.

WWE has some big booking decisions to make for the year of 2022. The following will identify and explain five hot predictions for WWE in 2022.

Honorable Mention: Veer Mahan Will Come To Raw

The idea of Veer coming to Raw has become such a trending Emmalina meme that nothing on Raw can even surpass the attention and buzz his debut gets. Since no one knows what WWE stands for anymore, Veer decided to walk with Elias to Raw. This superstar’s vignette has been airing since October 25, and he still has not been seen on Raw post-draft. Although his repackaged Raw debut was an uncertainty in 2021 due to lack of plans in store for him, Veer will certainly come to Raw in 2022. It’s almost a guarantee.

5.) Brock Lesnar & Liv Morgan Will Win The Royal Rumble

Brock Lesnar will win the Men’s Royal Rumble and challenge the superior champion for a WrestleMania title match. As indicated by the WWE Survivor Series 2021 results, Roman Reigns defeated Big E in their champion vs. champion match, which solidified Reigns as the superior champion. Also, according to recent reports and booking decisions, the WWE has made it clear that Roman Reigns (c) vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Drew McIntyre for the Universal Championship is the plan for Mania 38. Henceforth, Lesnar will challenge Reigns, whom he is currently feuding with.

Liv Morgan will win the Women’s Royal Rumble and challenge the superior champion for a WrestleMania title match. As indicated by the WWE Survivor Series 2021 results, Becky Lynch defeated Charlotte in their champion vs. champion match, which solidified Lynch as the superior champion. Henceforth, Morgan will challenge Lynch, whom she is currently feuding with. Morgan has gotten quite over with the crowd recently and should continue her story with Lynch. She is definitely the star to be elevated by a Rumble victory this year.

4.) Kevin Owens & Naomi Will Win Money In The Bank (MITB)

Kevin Owens will win the Men’s MITB Ladder Match because he is being poised for a main event push after signing a three million dollar contract. Since he already signed a contract for money in the bank, he might as well win MITB. Naomi will win the Women’s MITB Ladder Match because her current feud with Sonya Deville should lead to a future title opportunity for her. It would be a stretch if she dethroned Charlotte Flair clean because she has not been built for that opportunity yet, but a MITB cash in would do the trick.

3.) Ronda Rousey Will Return & Dethrone Becky Lynch

There are always rumors about Ronda Rousey returning, and the money feud is obviously Becky Lynch. Rousey left the WWE to have a family. Now that she recently welcomed her baby girl to the world and has teased discussions about her WWE contract status, it is safe to presume that she will return to WWE in 2022 and challenge Becky Lynch for the Raw Women’s Title that she lost at WrestleMania 35. She won’t lose to Lynch again and it would make sense for WWE to assure that she returns with a victory. Henceforth, Rousey will once again be champ when she returns.

2.) Roman Reigns Will Relinquish The Universal Title & Go To Hollywood

Our Mark Justice already addressed why Roman Reigns should relinquish the Universal Championship. Reigns will end his full-time career undefeated as the Tribal Chief and go part-time as a big Hollywood star who only returns to WWE for big matches, like John Cena and The Rock do. By relinquishing the title, Reigns will be protected as the greatest universal champion of all time whilst allowing the main event scene to have a fresh start with a tournament that will crown a new Universal Champion after WrestleMania 38.

1.) WWE Will End The Brand Split & Merge The Divisions

Our Mark Justice already debated with Samantha Schipmann on why WWE should end the brand split and merge the divisions. The rosters have severely diminished due to the plethora of releases in the past year, and the separate brands have led to repetitive rematches on Raw and superfluous segments on SmackDown. Merging the divisions would hinder or at least mitigate those  repetitive rematches and superfluous segments while preventing manufactured competition and weakened divisions that symbolize a pernicious future for both brands.

Special Prediction: WWE Will Go On Sale

The idea of a global conglomerate like WWE going on sale may sound pretty far fetched on the surface. However, the company’s plethora of releases in the past year and careless booking strategies as of late have already planted the seeds for an inevitable drop in stock. Once Vince McMahon relaunches XFL and focuses on that venture again in 2022, there could be some strong consideration to sell WWE to another organization, like Disney. “This is WWE, and you’re watching Disney Channel.” If you would like more of these hot predictions, stick with Daily DDT.

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