AEW Rampage: Hectic No DQ match closes the show


AEW Rampage is from New Jersey. It’s on the eve of the inaugural Battle of the Belts.

Jake Atlas wrestled his first AEW match on Dark, where he defeated Serpentico. He was announced as All Elite the following day. He makes his AEW television debut tonight.

The Nightmare Family’s Aaron Solo challenged former Nightmare Factory student, HOOK. He wants revenge for what HOOK did to QT Marshall.

Ruby Soho and RIHO team up to take on Dr. Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter. RIHO and Baker will face off at Battle of the Belts with the AEW Women’s Championship on the line. Baker has never beaten RIHO in a singles match.

After weeks of shenanigans, Eddie Kingston, Proud ‘n Powerful will take on 2point0 and Daniel Garcia in a No DQ match.

Adam Cole vs. Jake Atlas

Adam Cole and Jake Atlas trade lockups and mat-based holds. Atlas showed of his gymnastics background by doing a cartwheel to avoid an incoming Cole. Cole got Atlas outside and threw him onto the apron and into the ring post. Once back in the ring, Cole hit him with his right hand repeatedly. Cole kept the pressure on Atlas in the corner. Atlas got rocked with a back stabber.

Atlas nailed a huricanrana and a tope sucidia. He followed up with a dropkick from the top rope. Cole hit a pump kick. The two exchanged blows and Cole hit a brain buster on the knee. A few moments later, Atlas hurt his knee and Cole couldn’t hit the Panama Sunrise because Atlas fell. They went to a quick finish with Cole getting the win with a kneebar hold.

Atlas easily held his own against the SuperKliq member.

reDRagon made their way down and were going to beat up Atlas. Orange Cassidy came out with a large Makabe chain and was flanked by Chuckie T.

Adam Cole beats Jake Atlas via pinfall.

Dustin Rhodes is replacing Cody at AEW Battle of the Belts due to “medical protocol”. The match will be for the interim TNT Championship.

Andrade thinks Darby Allin works for Sting and that they aren’t friends. He told Sting to name his “price for this little kid.”

HOOK vs. Aaron Solo

HOOK went straight to the middle of the ring and the two went for a knuckle lock. HOOK put Solo on his back and then in a half Nelson. Solo went to the corner and HOOK laid strikes into him. Marshall distracted HOOK and Solo took advantage.

HOOK hit a Russian leg sweep and an octopus hold. The two exchange holds and HOOK put Solo on his back again. Solo went for a spinning heel kick, but was caught. HOOK hit Solo with cross face punches before putting him in the REDRUM. HOOK moved to 3-0.

Marshall pushed HOOK and got planted for his trouble.

HOOK beats Aaron Solo by submission.

Ricky Starks Is putting the FTW title on the line at Battle of the Belts against Matt Sydal.

Penelope Ford and The Bunny and TayJay reflect on their Street Fight.

Ruby Soho and RIHO vs. Britt Baker, DMD (c) and Jamie Hayter w/Rebel

Before the bell even rang, the heels attacked the babyfaces. The babyfaces got in some licks and the bell finally rang. Hayter shoved Soho to the opposite corner. Baker joined her and they stomped Soho. RIHO hit a combo senton on Baker. Soho was quickly back in the ring. Rebel grabbed Soho’s leg to allow Baker and Hayter to get the advantage. Baker rained down punches on Soho.

During picture-in-picture , Hayter brutalized Soho in the corners of the ring. After the break, RIHO is desperate to get into the ring to relieve her partner. RIHO exploded into the ring and hit Hayter with the Tiger Kick. Baker helped get some offense in, but RIHO spiked Hayter and nearly got the pin. Baker pushed RIHO off the turnbuckle. She and Hayter continued the double team. Hayter mistakenly hit Baker again. RIHO used the distraction to pin Hayter.

RIHO and Ruby Soho win via pinfall.

Dan Lambert is mad that Dustin Rhodes is getting title match instead of Scorpio Sky. Sky lists off his accolades on why he should get a title shot.

Eddie Kingston, Santana, and Ortiz vs. 2point0 and Daniel Garcia

Before the main event, 2point0 and Garcia are cutting a promo when Kingston and Proud ‘n Powerful leave the shot. They started pummeling their opponents. Mark Henry mused that the fight had already started, but still got in his tagline.

The fight moved from backstage down the ramp. There’s mayhem around the ring. Kingston got a trashcan, but he’s hit with elbow strikes bay Garcia. Kingston hit himself repeatedly in the face with the trashcan. He then beats Garcia over and over with the trashcan while fighting continued on the outside. A drink got thrown in the camera.

This match is mostly chaos and so much was happening. Lee sent Ortiz over the barricade. Parker tried to help his partner as does Santana. Kingston suplexed Garcia onto the trash can. Lee beat Ortiz with a large sign of someone’s face. The action moved to the ring during picture-in-picture briefly before more shenanigans happened on the outside, including a trash can sailing through the air.

After the break, Parker is double teamed by Santana and Ortiz. Garcia saved him with a spear. Kingston’s knee gave him trouble. Both teams are in and out of the ring. Chalk was blown into Lee’s face. Garcia got the ring bell and clocked Kingston with it. Garcia nearly pinned Kingston and was furious that Kingston kicked out. They put Kingston through a table. Ortiz got hit “with a yam bag shot”, according to Taz. Santana took out his frustrations with a chair.

Garcia and Ortiz threw hands in the ring. Santana and Ortiz double team Parker to get the win. Afterwards, Garcia and Lee attack Kingston. They tape Kingston to the ropes and take turns punching him. Jericho came to Kingston’s aid again.

Kingston, Santana, and Ortiz beat 2point0 and Garcia by pinfall.

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