Wrestling Spotlight: The inspirational fire of Mia Yim


Mia Yim has had a journey like no other up to this point. No matter what company she was in, she contributed to wrestling while she continued to grow. It has come with championships and sometimes doing whatever was needed for the company at the time with sacrifices.

The sacrifices led to a burning fire kindled in her since her release from WWE. Between everything that has changed with the wrestling landscape and her career, it will all come full circle no matter where she ends up this year.

Mia Yim’s journey will contribute to her next steps in wrestling.

The first time seeing Mia Yim was when she was part of Shine Wrestling. There were competitors that already shined such as Jessicka Havok and Mercedes Martinez to name a few around 2013. That period was during yet another boom for women’s wrestling.

Knowing those two competitors and seeing Mia compete at a high level with a sea of talent rising to the top. It was obvious that she was no ordinary competitor in the ring. Not long after, she signed with TNA and it confirmed that she was capable of creating moments as a competitor.

Mia would go on to win the TNA Knockouts Championship during her run with TNA. The Knockouts division was already loaded with superstars and future Hall of Fame stars, Mia stood out. She even had a notable last knockouts standing match against Rosemary near the end of her run.

By this point, Mia went from a warrior fighting to the top to a warrior who stood at the top. Now fans knew that she wasn’t a flash in the pan of the independent circuit, but a legitimate competitor who is must-see TV.

Her journey continued as she signed with WWE and became a part of NXT after an impressive performance in the Mae Young Classic tournament. She impressed people so much during the tournament, they had no choice but to sign her to be part of the black and gold brand NXT.

She held her own consistently and made her presence as a fighting contender for the black and gold grand. She competed and made her way to NXT Takeover: Toronto when she went against then NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler.

Shayna Baszler was one of her biggest challenges since she went against Rosemary in TNA, but that was not even the tip of the iceberg. She competed also in Wargames and Ladder matches while sustaining battle wounds, solidifying herself as a fearless wrestler in the ring.

The landscape of NXT started to go through some changes and Mia was in the shuffle. That was when WWE fans were introduced to another side of Mia known as Reckoning. As Reckoning made her presence felt, Mia was not put in the same position as before.

Even though Mia was put in that position, she rode the wave and worked with it the best way she knew how. Even though fans felt what was happening was beneath her, she didn’t have that attitude and kept moving forward.

After Mia was released from WWE, it was a bittersweet moment as a fan since she didn’t have every moment she deserved. It’s clear that Mia has a lot in mind for the next chapter in her storied career.

The wrestling landscape has changed since the last time she was involved in the circuit. More companies both mainstream and independent. All of this happened with Mia admiring the view of the blossoming wrestling circuit from afar.

Mia has been hyping up her post-WWE appearance via Twitter and it’s clear there is a renewed fire in her. There have been multiple photos where there is a new fire in her eyes as she takes that next step in wrestling.

She is in her true form and looks better than ever. She chose not to be bitter about what happened but used it as a motivation moving forward. All she has accomplished and the setbacks have brought her to this moment where anything is possible.

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No matter who she goes against next or what promotion, Mia will surely be a hot ticket and a can’t miss. If her whole career up to this point Stay tuned for where the passion-driven Mia Yim will end up next in this historic time for wrestling.