AEW: It is time for Eddie Kingston to pick up wins in important feuds


AEW made a lot of good moves during the COVID-19 Era of professional wrestling when the company was forced to produce content from Daily’s Place. It became the place where independent talent had the opportunity to showcase their abilities to a larger audience, while their industry was pushed to a halt. One person that did so was Eddie Kingston and it was that moment when the wrestling world was exposed to a special talent. AEW has something very special in Kingston and it’s time they built him up with some important wins.

In many ways, Kingston represents everything that makes pro wrestling an important part of so many people’s lives. It’s the consummate story and an underdog continually fighting to pull themselves back up after being knocked down so many times. Kingston’s piece in Player’s Tribune is a must-read, not only for fans of the wrestler but anyone looking for a powerful story about overcoming. It’s like that’s the theme of his life story.

And it should be that theme that powers him on some sort of run throughout AEW. This isn’t a call for Kingston to be a long-reigning, dominant champion with a year-long title run. But there’s only so much that can be done with a wrestler who frequently loses when placed in major matches.

Kingston joined AEW in July of 2020, being immediately thrust into the title picture taking on both Cody Rhodes and Jon Moxley. After his second defeat at the hands of Moxley, Kingston continued to pick up record-boosting wins on AEW Dark, but the focus of this piece is what happens when he faced bigger names on AEW television.

According to Cagematch, Kingston’s 2021 campaign was a very impressive run with 42 wins and 13 losses. Yes, professional wrestling is scripted but those wins and losses tell the story of an individual’s place on the roster and help build momentum into important storylines. When Kingston loses, he loses to prominent names on the roster and it happens at a consistent clip.

In 2021 he dropped matches to PAC, Lance Archer (they exchanged wins and losses), Bryan Danielson, and Miro as the top names on his list. Kingston was used to elevating those individuals to higher moments, but fans remained excited whenever he was shown on television. Heading into his match with CM Punk there was a groundswell that wanted to see Kingston pick up the victory and this be a turning point for Punk’s story in AEW. That didn’t happen and both figures moved on to other things.

Now, Kingston is embroiled in a feud with 2point0, Daniel Garcia, and the recently added Inner Circle. This is a huge opportunity for AEW to give Kingston some key victories, but also align him with Santana and Ortiz to put together another iteration of the well-known faction LAX. With those two individuals by his side, Kingston could go on a run that would secure him a singles title in AEW while putting the tag team titles around their waists. The entertainment factor with those three back together basically writes itself and is there for this promotion to take advantage of for good outcomes.

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Eddie Kingston is someone that AEW can count on to build excitement in anything that he’s doing. All he needs is one promo to make a feud hot and build investment in the outcome. However, it’s time that some of those outcomes go in his favor as AEW needs to capitalize on a member of its roster that is such a strong representation of what makes this industry beloved by many.