NXT: WALTER defeats Roderick Strong in main event

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The show kicks off with LA Knight pulling in something nice. He confronts a few NXT superstars about the whereabouts of Grayson Waller. Then, he heads for the ring.

When he gets there, he makes his intentions clear, short, and sweet. He wants to finish that beat down he started last week on Waller.

Waller finally makes his entrance, but of course, he doesn’t want to fight. He’s got himself a restraining order.

Unfortunately for the walking albatross, this retraining order isn’t against Dexter Lumis.

Dexter returns!

Now, Waller has to make a decision. Lift that restraining order or face Lumis.

When we get back from the commercial break, Vic announces that Waller made the decision to battle Dexter.

The match itself was quite competitive. Waller wins after outside interference. By the way, if you weren’t watching live, it appears the albatross may have a bodyguard now. Waller called him his insurance policy when the match was over.

Then, Waller’s “insurance policy” just stands there looking all mean and constipated.

WALTER vs. Strong is being hyped up as the main event and hopefully, that’s a sign that the match won’t be a squash.

After that, NXT introduces the teams who will compete in the Dusty Cup Classic.

Speaking of which, it’s time for the first match in the tournament, as The Creed Brothers battle Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen.

Despite a great effort from Briggs/Jensen, The Creed Brothers pick up the win and they advance.

Next up is the return of Dante Chen. He’s taking on Guru Raaj.

Unfortunately, the match doesn’t go too far because Duke Hudson is back with his new haircut and he interferes.

Tony D. Comemrates the loss (not really) of Pete Dunne. He wants to move on capture the North American Title.

Hayes’ music hits and a war of words follows. Cameron’s music hits and he makes it clear that he wants his shot at the A Champion.

Hasn’t been announced yet, but it sounds like a number 1 contenders match between Grimes and Tony will eventually happen.

Kay Lee Ray vs. Ivy Nile was another match featured on tonight’s show.

Nile got the victory after Mandy Rose distracted Kay Lee.

Kay Lee tries to fight back, but Jacy & Gigi show up and you know how that goes.

Luckily, Indi and Persia come out and even the odds.


Legado del Fantasma vs. Malik Blade and Edris Enofe

This was another Dusty Cup tournament match. Enofe & Blade win the match.

Santos was trying to cause some shenanigans, but Bron showed up and takes Santos out of the picture.

Dakota Kai is back in action as she takes on Yulisa Leon.

So the story here is Dakota Kai is trying to get back on the right track after going through a bit of a slump. She just can’t seem to let go of the past and the poor soul appears to get more and more unhinged and bitter week by week.

Fortunately for her, the craziness doesn’t cost her a victory tonight.

On to the main event, it’s Roderick Strong vs. WALTER.

It’s one of those matches where you know WALTER is going to win.

Not because Strong sucks, but because this is WALTER’s first match as an official member of the NXT US roster

At one point, Strong tries to chop WALTER. Apparently Strong didn’t do his homework. WALTER retaliated with a chop of his on and well, you know how that went.

Bivins tries to get involved. He gets clubbed for his troubles.

It was kind of obvious WALTER was going to win this one. As the new big thing on NXT, it’s best to keep the momentum.

The match wasn’t a squash, the audience was into it. The match achieved what it needed to do.

Just in case you need to know, WALTER wins via powerbomb.

The show doesn’t end there, though. The rest of Imperium show up and attack Strong. Then, The Creed Brothers show up and attack Imperium. The crowd chants NXT and everything gets all chaotic.