R-Truth’s run deserves the praise sent his way on his birthday


Professional wrestling is an industry where performers may not get their roses when they are at their best. Even when the accolades pour in, there are a variety of performers that are missed. That’s why it’s important to look at careers to offer up the earned praise, and R-Truth deserves such a moment as his 50th birthday is celebrated.

The man named K-Kwik, K-Krush, Ron Killings, and more deserves praise for what he’s done during his 24-year professional wrestling career. Younger fans may best remember Truth as the comical stand-in, always aloof and able to get a laugh out of the crowd. But his career is so much more than that, especially when looking at his place in Black History as a professional wrestler.

Today’s wrestling fans are pushing for more inclusion across the industry. Not only has this helped elevate some names in major companies like Kofi Kingston and Bobby Lashley, but other events such as For the Culture continue the work by featuring Black faces front and center.

R-Truth’s legacy is linked to such excellence as he’s recognized as the first and only African American NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Yes, Bobo Brazil did win the title decades before, but his victory isn’t recognized from a historical standpoint. His victory over Ken Shamrock in August of 2002 doesn’t come up as frequently as it should but is an important moment in wrestling history. It’s been twenty years since that night and R-Truth is still the only African American to reach this point. That’s a telling statement and another point towards his longevity.

R-Truth performed for the WWE in his 20s, 30s, 40s, and now at 50. In a company that continues to lean on old talent, much to the chagrin of its viewers, R-Truth is one of the few individuals that remains “over” in a sense, all because of his abilities as a personality. Plus, he can still keep up in the ring well enough that he doesn’t distract in any way. If he’s talking to Lil Jimmy, climbing a ladder in a battle royale, or competing for the WWE Championship, R-Truth has successfully delivered in every capacity asked of him.

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R-Truth is a consummate professional wrestler in every aspect of the word. The outpouring of love from colleagues around the industry shows that his run has touched many people along the way. There will be a moment when R-Truth gets inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, and he’s every bit as deserving as anyone else. Happy Birthday to R-Truth and congratulations on his nearly 25-year career. Here’s to many more.