Shannon LeVangie Talks Taking The Chaotic Wrestling World By Storm

Used by permission, Shannon LeVangie.
Used by permission, Shannon LeVangie. /

Chaotic Wrestling in the New England area has worked with some of the best wrestlers around today. The New England Pro Wrestling Academy has trained some of the best wrestlers that we see every night on our TV. This includes the likes of Sasha Banks, Christian Casanove, aka Carmelo Hayes, Tomasso Ciampa, and Dominik Dijajkovic.

However, now the new crop of talent is emerging and this includes Davienne, Ricky Smokes, JT Dunn, Mortar, Alec Price, Mane Event, and Shannon LeVangie. LeVangie started training and had her first match inside of a year. She is a natural at the craft and is going to soon take the whole professional wrestling world by storm.

Getting Into Professional Wrestling

Shannon LeVangie first started watching it back in 2016, when she was around 8th grade or going into high school. “My brother and I just started watching it more and more,” says LeVangie. “I would just turn Raw, or Smackdown on by myself and I just became obsessed with it.”

“My all-time favorite professional wrestler was John Cena,” says LeVangie. This was mainly because when she first started watching professional wrestling, he was the only one she really knew about before. “Sasha Banks also, because she came from the New England Pro Wrestling Academy which is where I train and why I was so drawn to her.” LeVangie also likes Bayley, Randy Orton, and Becky Lynch.

LeVangie recalled going to her very first live event which was at Hell In A Cell in 2016. This show was headlined by Charlotte and Sasha Bank’s historic main event Hell In A Cell match. “I remember watching this and thinking it was so cool,” says LeVangie. “Seeing Sasha and Charlotte’s main event made me realize I think I want to do this.”

However, at that time, LeVangie was only in high school so it wasn’t “realistic” to start training at that point in her life. LeVangie got to Syracuse University and started college. However, when she found out that in her second semester all of her college classes would be online, she thought this would be a perfect time.

“I ended up transferring to a college in my area,” says LeVangie. This made it much easier for her to train and continue doing what she loved, which was professional wrestling. “I haven’t been so passionate about anything as I was about professional wrestling.”

To say Shannon LeVangie was anything but a natural at professional wrestling, would be an understatement. LeVangie was a natural since signing up and things came very quickly to her. “I always came to training and was always very consistent about showing up which helped me. I wanted to go and I wanted to improve my skills every day.”

Shannon LeVangie Begins Her Wrestling Journey

“In High School, I looked up wrestling schools near me, but I know I wasn’t going to sign up yet,” says LeVangie. She attended a couple of camps at the NEPWA in her junior and senior years of high school. It was very basic stuff but she still had a ton of fun and that helped her decide this was where she was training.

“I had a blast and I loved it,” says LeVangie. Going in on the first day, LeVangie was very nervous. “It’s so different from anything I have ever done before,” says LeVangie. “Thankfully everyone was so nice and welcoming and the atmosphere was just terrific.” She was grateful and thankful to see everyone looking out for each other, whilst being competitive and building each other up.

LeVangie credits her trainers Chase Del Monte, and Max Smashmaster for their support and guidance. “Their support and guidance are really one of the most important things that have gotten me to where I am today.”

When she first started, LeVangie credited B3CCA for coming up and helping her right away. “I thought that was the coolest thing ever because she was the Chaotic Wrestling Women’s Champion at the time,” says LeVangie. She also credits Davienne, Paris Van Dale, and Armani Kayos in helping her become the wrestler she is today.

“They invited me to shows and let me do little spots to give me a taste of what it was like,” says LeVangie. “They worked with me before and after class and just helped me a lot. They are also my best friends who I look up to. Everyone has been amazing and I’m super lucky.” The future for the Chaotic star that lies ahead is bright.

Shannon LeVangie Becomes Chaotic’s Ultimate Underdog

“One of my favorite parts of everything is that nobody expects me to come out on top,” says LeVangie. Shannon LeVangie made her Chaotic Wrestling debut at the Chaotic Countdown in 2021. This was Chaotic Wrestling’s Royal Rumble type of match.

The first match of LeVangie’s career, she described as “nerve-wracking.” However, LeVangie also said that in a way because it was a rumble type of match, it made things a little less stressful. “I went in there and knew I was in this match for a reason,” says LeVangie. “From that moment, people knew that although I’m a student right now, I will be on that Chaotic roster soon.”

In the Chaotic Countdown, LeVangie managed to eliminate two of the biggest guys that Chaotic Wrestling had to offer, Max Smashmaster and Mortar. “I’ll always remember that pop,” says LeVangie. “It’s not the size of the dog, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

One of the first feuds LeVangie got to work in was with one of the greats at Chaotic, Ava Everett. “When I finally got to go one-on-one with her, I was so ready and this was my time,” says LeVangie. “At this point, I hadn’t had too many matches and this was my first chance to solidify to everyone that I am here to stay.”

LeVangie got her first taste of championship gold when she wrestled for the Chaotic Wrestling Heavyweight Championship earlier this month at Pandemonium in the main event. Unfortunately, she was unsuccessful but had a great showing.

“If you had asked me what my first title opportunity was, I would have never said the Chaotic Wrestling Heavyweight Championship in the main event of Pandemonium,” says LeVangie. “It’s so cool and it’s awesome to see people want me to be in that spot.”

LeVangie also got to work with one of the all-time greats at Chaotic Alisha Edwards. “That was such a cool experience,” says LeVangie. “She helped me and gave me advice on how to improve myself and getting to tag alongside her helped me to learn a lot.”

Shannon LeVangie on Women’s Wrestling and Intergender Wrestling

Women’s wrestling has certainly come a long way since the attitude era type of matches we used to get. However, there is still some work to be done. “It’s so cool where we are at now,” says LeVangie. “However, if I would have started watching during the Diva’s era, I don’t think I would be where I am at today.”

She credits the diva’s era wrestlers, but she says the style at that time wasn’t for her. “To see people like Sasha, Charlotte, and Bayley, that’s what drew me to wrestling so much. The athleticism” says LeVangie. “We aren’t just here to look good, we are here to be the main event, and put on great matches.”

“Girls can do it, that’s why I love Intergender wrestling so much, we can do the same thing you can do,” says LeVangie. “I love wrestling girls or guys, I’m down for any of it. We’re both wrestlers, there’s no difference whether it be a girl vs girl, guy vs guy, or a girl vs a guy. It creates so many more opportunities for matches.”

LeVangie’s hope for women’s and intergender wrestling is pretty simple. “I want it to get to the point where they don’t have to emphasize whether it’s a women’s match or an intergender match,” says LeVangie. “I want it to be more normalized. At the end of the day, we are all professional wrestlers.”

What’s Next for Shannon LeVangie

Right now, LeVangie’s main goal is to just keep proving herself against everyone and anyone she can. “I’d love to wrestle B3CCA, she’s a mentor to me and one of my best friends. Also, Brad Cashew, I would love to get another opportunity with him.”

LeVangie says she also wants to wrestle Ricky Smokes and Davienne as well. “There are so many people and I hope I get the opportunity to continue to improve and get my name out there more. I just want to be the best wrestler I can be.”

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