Three challengers for Jade Cargill and the TBS Women’s Championship

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These three women should be next to face Jade Cargill as TBS Women’s Champion.

AEW has a special talent in TBS Champion, Jade Cargill. The moment she stepped into the ring she did exactly what sports entertainers are meant to do, draw attention and create buzz. The TBS Championship looks exceptional around her waist as she continues to build her skills as a champion. What’s next is for AEW to find challengers that will keep Cargill’s momentum heading in the right direction. With that in mind, here are three recommendations on who she should face to build her legacy as a champion.

Kiera Hogan

Kiera Hogan and Jade Cargill crossed paths back in August where Cargill picked up a dominating victory in less than two minutes. Since then, they’ve gone on two different paths. Cargill has continued to rack up win after win, while Hogan has found some success of her own both in and outside of AEW. She’s picked up wins while cementing herself as a top challenger to women outside AEW, including Jordynne Grace, Mickie James, and Kamille.

Hogan is someone who could be developed into a top name for AEW’s women’s division. Even at a young 27-years old, Hogan has a wealth of experience in major organizations like Impact Wrestling, WOW, and NWA. Positioning Hogan as a contender to Cargill’s title run after putting together a string of consistent wins would not only help Cargill’s establishment as a champion but also build some depth in the division.


Riho consistently reminds viewers that she’s one of the best performers in AEW’s women’s division. Her recent match against Britt Baker was great and helped add some momentum back to Baker’s run. She’s remained one of the top names in the company, even after what many saw as an underwhelming latter portion of her 133-day reign as AEW Women’s World Champion. Riho is an immediately credible contender and a threat to Cargill’s championship run.

During her 25-0 undefeated run, Cargill has not picked up a singles victory over a former champion. She defeated Nyla Rose and Thunder Rosa in a triple-threat match in September of 2021, which was her biggest win to date before picking up the title. Now is the time to give her a victory over a former champion in a one-on-one affair. Riho’s selling as the smaller woman would look great with presenting Cargill’s offense on television. Plus, fans are always invested in Riho, especially during her current run.

Maki Ito

All Elite Wrestling needs to find a way to bring Maki Itoh back into the fold for a brief run. Her brief appearance in early 2021 caught several fans off guard as they were introduced to her bizarre but highly entertaining approach to professional wrestling. Names such as Minoru Suzuki, KENTA, and Satoshi Kojima have graced AEW’s ring from Japan, so there’s precedence in order that should see Ito do the same.

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Having Ito come into a feud with Cargill as an annoying pest of a challenger that she must take seriously is the right type of character build to make this feud interesting. It wouldn’t have to be an extensive feud but could run through one-to-two weeks with the culmination occurring on an episode of Dynamite or Rampage.