WWE Raw: Royal Rumble go-home show


The night started with an official weigh-in between Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar. While Lashley showed up in the appropriate clothing, Lesnar was not in the proper attire. Lashley came in at 273 pounds compared to Lesnar’s 286 pounds. They taunted each other briefly before Lesnar walked out of the ring, overlooking the challenger.

The first match of the night featured Bianca Belair against Queen Zelina.

The two women locked up and Belair lifted her over the top rope with ease. She brought her back into the ring for a front takedown. Belair hit a dropkick to knock the smaller woman down. While holding her up in a vertical suplex, Vega countered with a jaw breaker.

Belair was able to turn the tide back in her favor, lifting Vega up in a press slam. Vega squirmed her way out to end up in a rear-naked choke on Belair. Belair was able to bounce back, hitting the suplex but was countered on the springboard knees. Vega tried the Code Red, but Belair countered into the KOD to pick up the victory.


Bianca Belair defeated Queen Zelina via pinfall.

Damian Priest was out next to defend the United States Championship against Kevin Owens.

Owens went for the Stunner out of the gate, but the two men ended up exchanging shots, with Priest getting the first advantage. Owens countered, using a back elbow and a senton for a two-count. He kept Priest down, stomping on him in the corner. Priest attempted to counter the cannonball but was able to knock Owens outside the ring. That resulted with Priest launching Owens into the barricade.

However, Owens kicked Priest in the face and went for a senton on Priest who was on the mat, but Priest countered, hitting a chokeslam on the apron.


Back from commercial and Owens was able to hit a tornado DDT from the top, following that up with a frog splash for a two count. Owens landed a superkick, but Priest countered the Pop-Up Powerbomb. This time it was Owens kicking out at two.

Owens attempted to act like he was hurt but Priest was not giving him any space. Owens used the ropes to try to get a rollup. He went for the Stunner again but Priest hit a big clothesline. Priest started battering Owens in the corner and was eventually disqualified.

Kevin Owens defeated Damian Priest via disqualification.

Rhea Ripley was out next for six-woman tag team action as she teamed with Dana Brooke and Liv Morgan to take on Tamina, Carmella, and Nikki ASH.

Tamina and Dana Brooke started off the match with Tamina dominating early. Ripley made the tag and was able to match power with Tamina. Ripley nearly won the match with a Northern Lights Suplex, but Carmella made the save, causing the entire match to fall apart.

Carmella started slapping Ripley which made her angry. Ripley responded with a submission move that forced Carmella to submit.

Liv Morgan, Rhea Ripley, and Dana Brooke picked up the victory via submission.

Up next was a spelling bee between Alpha Academy and Team RK-Bro. For minutes, the two teams went back-and-forth until things ended in a singles match between Randy Orton and Chad Gable.

Gable started off the match attacking Orton’s arm, but the position was reversed. The match started off slowly until Orton dropped Gable with a shoulder block. But Gable answered right back with two arm drags. Gable went to the arm drag again but Orton almost countered with the RKO.

After taking a break, Gable went back to the wrestling, hitting Orton with a drop toe hold and forcing him to exit the ring. Orton took control back with uppercuts in the corner and a back elbow to drop Gable. Orton followed him outside the ring and tossed Gable on top the announce table.


Otis made a distraction, allowing Gable to attack the knee. He hit the moonsault, but Orton kicked out at two. Back from commercial and Gable was in control, which was until Orton hit a stiff clothesline to pick up offense. He followed up with a backbreaker, and then went for the draping DDT.

Otis and Riddle started fighting outside and Gable tried to roll up Orton. Orton kicked out and hit the powerslam for a two count. Orton went for the punt and Gable countered with the ankle lock. The disturbance outside the ring helped Orton get out of the position and hit an RKO on Gable to win.

Randy Orton defeated Chad Gable via pinfall.

AJ Styles versus Austin Theory was up next.

Theory started out by pushing Styles around the ring. Styles was countered Theory often in the start of the match, going for multiple pin attempts before dropkicking him right in the mouth. Theory rolled out but Styles followed him with a springboard forearm to the outside.

Theory tried to fight back in the ring but Styles cut him off with a kick to the leg. However, Theory caught Styles by bouncing his head off the middle turnbuckle. Theory poured on the offense, going for a pinfall after a quick suplex.

Styles was able to take over the match, landing multiple kicks and a knee on the forehead for a two-count. He followed that up with a snap suplex for another two-count. Styles pulled Theory to his feet, only to get hit with a slingshot over the top rope. Theory continued to pour it on, keeping Styles off balance. Theory knocked Styles off the top with a rolling dropkick, causing the former champion to fall to the floor.

Back from commercial and Theory continued the assault on Styles. Styles fought back for a moment until being launched in the air with a back body drop. Styles was finally able to hit a big counter into a reverse DDT. That allowed him to take over, hitting big strikes, a suplex to a neck breaker, and a sliding forearm.

Theory staggered Styles with a kick out the corner and hit a rolling blockbuster for a two-count. Styles was able to give himself a last-minute break with a Pele kick to the head. Theory went for the ATL but Styles rolled through with the Calf Crusher. Styles went for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Theory shook the ropes to cause Styles to fall.

Theory went for the ATL but Theory countered while on the apron, hitting the forearm to pick up the win.

AJ Styles defeated Austin Theory via pinfall.

Tag team action was up next as The Street Profits took on Los Mysterios.

Dominick and Angelo Dawkins started out the match. Dominick’s high offense was working until Dawkins hit a stiff back elbow. Dominick was able to send Dawkins out to the floor and hit him with a dive while Rey attacked Montez Ford. However, Ford was able to lay out both men with a dive of his own over the top rope.


Back from the commercial and Dawkins laid out Dominick with a stiff punch. Dominick was finally able to get some distance after avoiding the splash in the corner and hitting a tornado DDT. Both teams mad the tag and Rey was able to take down Ford until being launched in the air. Ford followed up with a splash for a two-count.

They were able to get Ford in the ropes for the 619, but Dawkins stopped him. Ford then blocked the 619, but Rey was able to roll through for a three-count and pick up the victory.

Los Mysterios defeated The Street Profits via pinfall.

The “main event” of the evening was a birthday celebration for Maryse. Maryse went about opening gifts until they opened a package that contained a brick as a joke. But that still didn’t stop Edge and Beth Phoenix coming down to the ring. They lay out the security as the show ends.