NXT: Grimes defeats D’angelo; Pirotta, Hartwell, and Ray defeat Toxic Attraction

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This week’s NXT kicks off with MSK doing a cool little promo where you think it’s being done backstage, but they’re actually on their way to the ring.

Once they enter the squared circle, Jacket Time makes their way to the ring, as it’s time for another Dusty Cup tournament match.

Will MSK run it back and win the Dusty Cup Classic for the 2nd consecutive year? I have to ask because it’s been one of the main stories in regards to this year’s tournament.

That question will be answered soon, but not tonight.

Anyway, MSK got the win tonight. Therefore, MSK moves one step closer to a 2 peat. Nice show of sportsmanship afterward by both teams, by the way.

Legado del Fantasma are up next and Santos Escobar has got some words for the current NXT Champion.  To sum things up, Escobar despises the fact that Bron won the NXT Title before he did. Escobar has been on NXT much longer than the champ, yet he still hasn’t won it.

Bron approaches the ring and says he has no problem facing the former cruiserweight champion, but Escobar responds by saying they’ll be doing things on his time.

You know, because he’s a heel.


Next, it’s Solo Sikoa vs Boa. This match is falls count anywhere, by the way.

The match starts with Boa attacking Solo during his entrance with a kendo stick.

The two brawl inside the ring, they brawl outside the ring, and they brawl backstage as well.

I must say this is 10 times better than their previous encounter. The match ends with a brutal-looking Uso splash from the top rope through a table on the outside. Props to Boa for taking that!

Next, it’s time for Guru Raaj vs. Duke Hudson and his brand new haircut.

Hudson makes short work of Raaj, but Dante Chen hits the ring for some revenge. He manages to land a few shots before security breaks things up and Hudson strikes his leg.

Afterward, Toxic Attraction took on Kay Lee Ray Indi Hartwell, & Persia Pirotta.

Mandy Rose wanted to start the match off when Persia was in the ring, then things changed when Persia tagged out.

Soon after, Toxic A manages to isolate Indi. Then Rose gets a little too cocky and gives Kay a cheap shot.

The babyfaces managed to get their heat back for a brief moment, but Toxic A eventually gain back momentum via isolating Indi once more.

By this time it’s made more than apparent that Mandy Rose does NOT want to get in the ring with Kay Lee Ray. The two finally come face to face (in the ring) and Kay hits Mandy with a side thrust kick. She then chases Rose up the ramp with her signature bat and the match turns into a 2 on 2.

Persia Pirotta pins Gigi Dolin which means the babyfaces win.

Andre Chase & Bodhi Hayward vs GYV (Dusty Cup Tournament match) is up next and it’s really cool to see how over Andre and Bodhi are.

The Vets pick up the win and that sucks. I was hoping to see Chase U advance.

Anyway, Wagner returns and attacks Bodhi. Apparently Robert Stone is officially his new manager. Well, if you hated Wagner before, you’re sure to uber hate Wagner now.

Up next, it’s Tiffany Stratton vs. Io Shirai. The match starts with a standard collar and elbow, followed up with an exchange of wrist locks.

Soon after Shirai hits Stratton with a flapjack and is in complete control until a mat slam and a million-dollar dream.

See, I thought about calling it a cobra clutch, but for the sake of Stratton’s gimmick, I think I’ll scrap the clutch here.

If Vic or Wade call it something else, I didn’t hear it. Regardless, Shirai picks up the win with her patented moonsault.

The last match of the night is Cameron Grimes vs. Tony D.

It’s a number 1 contenders match for Hayes’ NXT North American Title.

Grimes opens up with some deep arm drags and then follows that up by shaking his rear end.

Later on, Tony gets some offense in with shoulder thrusts in the corner. He Irish whips Cameron out of the ring. Then Tony D hits what looks to be a Boss Man slam transitioning into a backbreaker. Then we get hit with that dreaded picture/picture break.

Back from the break, things didn’t change much.

Tony D keeps Grimes grounded with submission holds. Grimes gets a little bit of offense in before Tony hits him the reverse German suplex.

Eventually, Grimes picks up the win after a surprise attack from Pete Dunne.