AEW Beach Break: Champion Crowned, Lights Out Match

Sammy Guevara on the Nov. 6, 2019 edition of AEW Dynamite. Photo: Lee South/AEW
Sammy Guevara on the Nov. 6, 2019 edition of AEW Dynamite. Photo: Lee South/AEW /

Tonight’s AEW Dynamite is the special Beach Break. It is headlined by a title unification ladder match between Sammy Guevara and Cody Rhodes, a Light’s Out match between Orange Cassidy and Adam Cole, Red Velvet takes on Leyla Hirsch, and Chris Jericho teams with Santana and Ortiz to take on Daniel Garcia and 2point0.

TNT Championship Unification Ladder Match: Sammy Guevara vs Cody Rhodes

We kick off the show with Cody Rhodes and Sammy Guevara already standing in the ring. Justin Roberts does the introductions and the two shake hands to kick off the match. We see some playing to the crowd by Cody Rhodes before the two finally lock up in a collar-elbow tie-up.

Sammy Guevara quickly uses his quickness to gain momentum very early on in the match. The two then go to have a test of strength by Cody counters into an arm lock which Sammy quickly counters. Sammy goes to get a ladder, but Cody meets him on the floor and throws him into the ring apron.

Cody sets up a ladder between the guardrail and the ring, but Guevara hits him with a kick as soon as he turns around. The two then brawl into the crowd for a little while. Sammy hits a cutter over the barricade and into the crowd on Cody. Sammy goes to get another ladder from the entrance ramp and sets it up in the ring.

Cody jumps in the ring to pull the ladder out so Sammy couldn’t set it up, but Sammy takes the fight to Cody immediately. Sammy then hits Cody off the apron with the ladder, then makes his way to the top and attempts to grab the title. However, Cody runs back in and stops him.

The two then both climb the ladder and start throwing punches. This sends with Cody suplexing Sammy off the top of the ladder and down to the ring. Cody pushes Sammy off the top of the ladder by knocking over the ladder. He then takes his belt off and starts hitting Sammy with it.

The two then brawl on the outside for a little while. The two make their way back into the ring and Cody positions a ladder to front suplex Sammy Guevara on the rungs, weakening his abdomen. Cody then locks in a figure four leg-lock using the ladder as well. Cody sets up a ladder to climb to the top of the ring.

Sammy tries to stop him but Cody throws him in the corner and hits him with chops to the chest. Sammy gets back into the match though and takes the fight to Cody. Cody is able to quickly stop Sammy’s evasive offense when he hits him with a ladder. Cody once again tries to climb but Sammy hits a cutter off a ladder that was placed in the corner of the ring.

This was probably the biggest moment of the match. That was incredible. He hit the cutter 10-12 feet high. Sammy traps Cody under the ladder and attempts to make his way to the top, but Cody pushes him off and Sammy takes a scary fall.

Cody makes his way to the top but Sammy somehow sets up a ladder right behind him and meets him at the top. Cody hits a “Cross Rhodes” from the top of the ladder. Cody sets up the ladder again and makes his way to the top. Somehow, Sammy is able to climb up right behind Cody and stop him.

The two are hanging from the platform that the titles are on but they both fall off the platform and crash down to the ring. Cody then targets Sammy’s knee on the outside of the ring. Fuego Del Sol makes his way out to the ring and gets in Cody’s face. Cody then attacks Fuego and sends him packing.

Sammy recovers and beats the heck out of Cody. Sammy hits Cody with a GTH on the floor. For whatever reason, Sammy grabs another ladder from under the ring(there are already five or six set up), and positions it next to the ladder that is lying across the guardrail and ring.

Sammy positions Cody on that ladder and hits Cody with a Swanton bomb on the ladder. Sammy makes his way inside the ring and up the ladder to try and win. Cody meets him at the top and the two exchange punches. Sammy knocks Cody off and grabs both championships to win the match.

Winner: AND NEW Unified TNT Champion, Sammy Guevara

Tony Schiavone is seen interviewing Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs on a beach in Cleveland. Powerhouse Hobbs challenges Dante Martin one more time. Ricky Starks also says that next week on Rampage he challenges Jay Lethal for the FTW Championship.

Wardlow vs Elijah Dean and James Alexander

Wardlow’s music hits and he is the hometown hero. This is his first handicap match tonight. Wardlow destroys them both and hits them both with powerbombs. This was a quick match and another dominant win by Wardlow.

Winner: Wardlow

After the match, Spears takes the chair and attempts to go in the ring but Wardlow stops him and Spears listens.

Chris Jericho, Santana and Ortiz vs Daniel Garcia and 2point0

Chris Jericho’s music hits first and the crowd sings along with the song as always. Santana and Ortiz make their way to the ring and don’t wait for Jericho, once again teasing the break-up of the Inner Circle. Garcia and 2point0 are already in the ring.

Chris Jericho starts out the match with Matt Lee of 2point0. Santana quickly tags himself in. Santana takes the fight to 2point0 and Jeff Parker, who is now the legal man. Santana hits the three amigos on Parker and tags in Ortiz.

Parker is able to tag in Matt Lee again and the two get the best of Ortiz. Garcia then gets the tag and continues beating down Ortiz. Garcia and 2point0 remain in control of Ortiz for the majority of the match. They exchange frequent tags and continue with the high octane offense.

Ortiz stares at Jericho and makes the tag to Santana. Ortiz left Jericho high and dry and Santana just takes out everyone. Jericho gets down off the apron. Santana hits a double cutter on 2point0. Santana goes to cover Parker but Garcia breaks it up for his team.

Matt Lee rolls up Santana but Santana reverses and Jericho hits him with a Judas Effect, Santana pins Lee for the win for his team.

Winners: Chris Jericho, Santana, and Ortiz

After the match, Jericho leaves by himself, while exchanging words with Santana and Ortiz who are still in the ring. Then a video package is shown and Lance Archer says that he is fighting “Hangman” Adam Page in a Texas Deathmatch. This match will be in two weeks. and will be for the AEW World Championship.

Tony Schiavone is seen interviewing Jurassic Express and Private Party. It is announced that this Friday on AEW Rampage Jurassic Express defends their AEW Tag Team Championships against Private Party.

CM Punk’s music hits and we hear from him tonight. He comes out in his wrestling attire. Punk grabs the mic and says hello to everyone. CM Punk says he is sick of talking and that’s why he’s dressed to fight. Punk also takes off his sweatshirt to unveil that he is wearing MJF’s scarf.

CM Punk continues to diss MJF and says he wants to face him tonight, and that he is done chasing him. MJF’s music hits and he comes down to the ring not in wrestling retire. MJF disses Cleveland and Punk as well. He declines to face Punk tonight. He says he will not waste one of the “most historical matchups in the history of this sport in Cleveland, OH.”

MJF says that next week in Chicago it will be CM Punk versus MJF. MJF says he will beat CM Punk in Chicago. He also says that CM Punk will leave wrestling again after MJF beats him. MJF says that CM Punk no-showed in Cleveland and what makes people think he won’t do it again.

CM Punk says that sometimes you have to take matters into your hands, which is why he left. He says that he would rather be himself and try and fail than be MJF and talk a big game, and never show up. Wardlow and FTR show up and make their way down to the ring.

Spears attacks Punk from behind and The Pinnacle beats up CM Punk. FTR holds Punk Down and Spears hits him with a steel chair to the back. Wardlow didn’t do much during this. FTR and Shawn Spears attacked him. MJF then tells Wardlow to powerbomb CM Punk.

Spears sets up the chair and Wardlow powerbombs CM Punk onto the chair. MJF then sits on CM Punk’s chest and says that the same place CM Punk’s journey started will be the same place it ends. Next week it’s official, CM Punk vs MJF.

The Acclaimed is then seen in the back calling out Jon Moxley. This Friday on AEW Rampage, Anthony Bowens is challenging Jon Moxley in his home state of Ohio. Bowens says that he will destroy him.

Tony Schiavone is seen interviewing Julia Hart and Griff Garrison. Smart Mark Sterling interrupts announces that Jade Cargill has chosen Julia Hart to be the next challenger for the TBS Championship this Friday on AEW Rampage.

Red Velvet vs “Legit” Leyla Hirsch

Leyla Hirsch makes her entrance first. She is followed by Red Velvet who charges down to the ring. Red Velvet quickly takes the fight to Hirsch. Hirsch rolls out of the ring to regroup. Hirsch pulls Velvet out of the ring and throws her into the guardrail and the apron.

Velvet counters and clotheslines Hirsch out on the floor. Velvet continues to control the match from the inside of the ring. Hirsch is able to turn it around and work Velvet’s shoulder. Hirsch is now in firm control of the match.

Red Velvet is able to get back into the match. Velvet hits a double knee move to the back of Hirsch. Velvet uses her athleticism a lot in this match. Hirsch hits her finishing move on Velvet and goes for the pin. She then grabs her arm and puts her in an armbar. Velvet is able to get to the rope to break the hold. Hirsch ends up pinning Velvet with a roll-up.

Winner: “Legit” Leyla Hirsch

After the match, she locks an armbar and won’t let go. Kris Statlander makes the save and chases Hirsch up the entrance ramp. A promo video airs about the House of Black. The House of Black says that they will be humbled and will feel true pain.

Tony Schiavone is seen in the ring interviewing Dr. Britt Baker, DMD. All of Baker’s awards are seen on a table behind her. Baker says she got all those awards with a broken wrist. She gives a cheap shot to Baker Mayfield as well, which was funny.

Baker says she didn’t take anyone’s spot, but she created the top spot. She also says that there’s a reason she was the female wrestler of the year. Baker says she won’t settle for female wrestler of the year, she wants to be female wrestler of the decade. She says Cleveland finally has a Baker they can count on.

We see a hype video for Brock Anderson and Lee Johnson vs FTR on AEW Rampage on Friday. Vickie Guerrero comes out with Nyla Rose. Rose says that the reason she isn’t the TBS Champion is Ruby Soho and challenges Ruby Soho to a match next week.

Light’s Out Match: Adam Cole vs Orange Cassidy

Justin Roberts gives a rundown of the rules of the match and says that AEW isn’t responsible for anything that happens during this match. Cole makes his way out to the ring first, followed by Orange Cassidy. Cassidy takes off his glasses and breaks them in half.

The two then start off the match by throwing punches at each other. Cassidy then goes to the floor and is followed by Cole. Cassidy throws Cole into the guardrail and Cole returns the favor by throwing Cassidy into the guardrail.

Cole pulls out a chair from under the ring. Danhausen came out with the chair. Danhausen cursed Adam Cole and left but he has officially debuted in AEW. Cole goes for a “Panama Sunrise” on Cassidy, but he reverses it and drives Cole through the table.

Cole continues to brawl with Cassidy. Cole goes around the ring, takes out a lot of weapons, and throws them into the ring. Cole hits Cassidy with a chair to the ribs. He then places a garbage can over Cassidy’s head and superkicks the can. Cole hits a backbreaker with a chain on Cassidy as well.

Cole sends Cassidy out of the ring and continues to taunt and play to the crowd. Cassidy grabs a fire extinguisher and sprays it in Cole’s face buying him some time to get back in this match. The two then have a tug of war over the chain. Cole hits a brainbuster on the knee on Cassidy for a two count.

Cassidy is able to powerbomb Cole onto two chairs. Cassidy gets back into the match but Cole superkicks him out of the ring. Cole calls his friends to the ring but The Best Friends make the save for Cassidy. Cassidy hits his finisher on Cole but Cole kicks out.

Cassidy out of nowhere hits an orange punch onto Cole. Cole low-blows Cassidy, but Cassidy reveals he was wearing a “steel cup.” Cassidy then hits his famous kicks onto Cole and hits cole with the “Panama Sunrise.”

Cassidy grabs the chain and goes for the “orange punch” but Cole leaves the ring and walks up the entrance ramp. Cassidy follows him to the back and the two brawl in the back. Cole slams Cassidy through a table and a monitor as well.

The two then make their way out to the entrance ramp and Cole hits Cassidy with a superkick. Cole goes for the knee to the back of the head but Cassidy jumps up and superkicks Cole. Cassidy goes for the “orange punch” with the chain again but Cole hits him with one of the stage lights.

Cole climbs on top of the entranceway and is met by Cassidy who low-blows him on top of the entranceway. Cassidy hugs Cole and the two fall through the stage. Cassidy pins Cole for the victory.

Winner: Orange Cassidy

After the match, The Best Friends help Cassidy and hug on the stage to end the show.