Predicting the final four for the women’s Royal Rumble


About a week ago, we took some time to discuss which men could reach the final four of this year’s men’s Royal Rumble, so let’s now do the same for the women’s version.

Like previous years, the women’s Rumble will likely lean heavily on nostalgia since there are, at best, 19 available women from the main roster for this match (assuming Doudrop, Beth Phoenix, and Maryse pull double duty). We already know a few of the Hall of Famers, legends, and other faces of the past who will take part in the women’s Rumble, and with nine spots still available, there’s still room for more surprises.

But which four women will make it to the end of WWE’s signature battle royal? Well, we of course won’t know for sure until the match happens, but it could be these ladies…

These are the women who could reach the final four of the 2022 women’s Royal Rumble.

Bianca Belair: Much like Big E in the men’s match, reaching the final four should be the bare minimum for the SmackDown Women’s Champion. Even though WWE has somewhat gotten Belair back on track booking-wise following SummerSlam 2021, the company still has plenty of work to do to repair the damage it caused with that squash loss to Becky Lynch.

As it stands, Belair is one of the favorites to win the Rumble, and having Lynch recently screw “The EST” out of another title match seems to indicate that a blowoff match between the two is coming. So, even if Belair doesn’t win, expect her to at least last toward the end again.

Rhea Ripley: With WWE slowing down Belair’s momentum the way it did last summer, it’s easy to forget how they fumbled Rhea Ripley’s presentation from the second she debuted on the main roster. Between her weird “Is she a heel? Is she a babyface?” framing and getting pushed to the side once Charlotte Flair returned, Ripley’s 2021 can most generously be described as “uneven”.

A strong showing in the women’s Rumble could get her back on track. Given her age — she’s still only 25 years old! — obvious in-ring abilities, and cool look, Ripley is still someone who WWE can build the women’s division around for at least the next decade. While she doesn’t have to win the Rumble, making it to the final four would send the message that WWE sees the same upside in the former Raw Women’s Champion.

Mickie James: Given WWE’s general pettiness, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if Mickie James’ Rumble appearance lasted four minutes or 40. For now, let’s keep things positive and assume that WWE does right by the Impact Wrestling Knockouts World Champion and she gets a solid run in the match.

While it may not set up anything long-term (this still feels like a one-off designed to be a make-good from WWE for the way it treated her prior to and after dismissing her from the company), having James last to the end would cement why it’s such a big deal for her to be in this match and it gives WWE a chance to give one of their wrestlers the rub for elimination James so late into the match.

Ronda Rousey: Hopefully, this doesn’t happen, but we all know WWE can’t help itself when it comes to bringing in box office names that the fans resent instead of pushing the talent it already has.

Look, it’s understandable that WWE would want to boost intrigue for this Rumble with some name value, but given how WWE went out of its way to steamroll most of the division to build Rousey up last time (while also allowing some of terrible politics to seep into a couple of her storylines), this could generate as many groans as it does cheers if it happens.

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But who knows? The rumor could turn out to be just that. If not, though, you know WWE isn’t bringing her back for a brief appearance.