Independent Wrestling: Zicky Dice’s Outlandish Paradise


The independent Wrestling circuit has been on fire and that flame carried over into 2022. More opportunities and shows popping up with favorites and some faces fans have never seen before. This includes new ways to bring entertainment to fans worldwide.

When Zicky Dice said he wanted to do a wrestling show, fans already knew it would be a unique experience. The actual event spoke volumes for where wrestling is right now. Zicky has made a strong case for why there should be another Outlandish Paradise event in the near future.

Why Zicky Dice’s Outlandish Paradise can be good for Independent Wrestling.

The first impression of Outlandish Paradise was the fact it felt like an old-school wrestling pay-per-view event. With the amount of effort from the graphics to commentary, attention to detail gave a pay-per-view atmosphere.

Considering the fact Zicky was able to give some dream matches, it comes as no surprise that Zicky took to Twitch and made sure the atmosphere was electric. He created a stage that was worthy of everything he had planned.

One of the interesting matches was the Hey Brother Battle Royal. It consisted of wrestlers participating in the battle royal from simply interacting the phrase “Hey brother” to Zicky Dice as a quote on Twitter.

The fact Zicky came up with a concept that harnesses the power of social media while building excitement for the event is key. The concept was so unique and hopefully, it will become a regular event that could lead to more surprises for fans.

That brings us to a dream match of Thunder Rosa and Taya Valkyrie. Zicky doing something that’s expected from AEW or Impact in itself is a major accomplishment. A match that would headline any major wrestling promotion was a major boost for the card.

Taya and Rosa two of perhaps the most colorful, recognizable, and respected wrestlers was honestly the match that made us take notice of the whole event. The two competitors put on a competitive clinic against each other, and fans didn’t expect anything less.

If Zicky Dice could deliver a match like that with high main event implications, what other magic can he bring? The answer to that question is just about anything and fans have a reason to be excited about the future.

The excitement didn’t end there, but what’s an outlandish night without Zicky Dice himself? Zicky went against Evil Uno one on one to cap off a solid and unique experience for fans.

The match was built up with a solid foundation, but that didn’t stop Zicky from pushing the bounds. The fans actually had a say in what kind of match they wanted to see between the two wrestlers between a clock pink house of stink match and barely legal circus of evil match.

Fans having that degree of voice and say as viewers of the event was the cherry on top. Wrestling fans are perhaps the most vocal when it comes to matches and what they want to see wrestlers go through. The fans took full advantage when given the opportunity.

The match itself was very outlandish and befitting for such a fun and unique event. After the match was over, the question came to mind: Will there be another event? Will we fans be able to see more of our favorite wrestlers compete on this stage?

Short answer, all of us hope so! This could also be the perfect platform for favorites and for some upcoming Independent wrestling stars to be introduced in the best possible way for the first time to a bigger audience.

Amazingly the Twitch server never crashed as it lingered between nine thousand and at one point ten thousand views. As they all say, you can’t argue with results. Zicky holds the keys to paradise and hopefully, that door will be opened again real soon.

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The atmosphere is not like anything a fan has ever seen before and it should have its place in independent wrestling as a regular event and paradise for all wrestlers and fans. Until then, fans will have to watch and wait for more in the future. For replays, tune in on Zickey Dice’s official Twitch channel and stay tuned for future outlandish events from Zicky Dice himself.