Possible directions Alexa Bliss could go after therapy

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The WWE Raw women’s division needs Alexa Bliss and there are a few directions she can go after “therapy.” 

Dear reader, as you probably know already, Alexa Bliss has been undergoing counseling over the past several weeks and some fans aren’t feeling it.

If you’re one of those people, you may have asked yourself one of three questions this month while watching Raw.

Where in the world are they going with this?

What am I doing with my life?

Where did it all go wrong?

While I can’t help you with those last two questions, I have a few suggestions for the first.

The return of the Goddess

On the January 17 edition of Monday Night Raw, the doc suggested a word association exercise, remember? If you forgot, it was the one where he says he’s going to say things and he wants Alexa to reply with how she feels.

Anyway, Bliss responded with the word “Lilly” almost every time. Then she heard the word imaginary and things went from 0 to 100… real quick.

All outdated Drizzy Drake references aside, this could be a subtle hint at what’s to come in regards to a Bliss character change.

Perhaps little Ms. Twisted understands that Lilly is just a doll, deep down. Maybe she’s in denial right now and it’s only a matter of time before she comes to her senses.

She reforms her stable with Nikki as a supervillain duo

Hey, don’t go looking at me all sideways. It’s not that hard to believe. There are already aspects of the Harley Quinn character used for both Bliss’ goddess & twisted personas.

Some creepy, eerie, sinister, snarky, sadistic, sacrilegious take on Harley Quinn isn’t hard to believe, is it? The only difference would be the fact that Nikki Cross is now Nikki A.S.H.

Considering the fact that

everyone’s favorite superhero

Nikki A.S.H. is now a villain, this might make for some interesting TV.

Alexa Bliss becomes Lilly

It’s possible that Lilly represented the dark side of Alexa Bliss’ soul. A side that only The Fiend Bray Wyatt was able to draw out. Since Lilly is gone, perhaps this means that part of Alexa’s soul is gone, as well.

At which point, it becomes sorta kinda like a battle within. The goddess side of Alexa can’t shake the fact that the twisted side is no more, so she becomes Lilly as a coping mechanism for depression.

The “She-Hulk” shtick

It’s also possible that the counseling sessions are a complete waste of time and that Alexa will never get over the fact that Charlotte ripped up poor old Lilly.

Sure, she may be smiling one minute, but the second you mention Lilly in a negative light, her switch gets flipped and she’ll get angry.

And you wouldn’t like her when she’s angry.

WWE totally forgets this whole thing ever happened and Alexa randomly reverts back to her previous gimmick

I think the subheader sums this up, but I’ll elaborate a little more by saying it’s not like this sort of thing hasn’t happened before.

“Twisted” Alexa Bliss was initially perceived to be a breath of fresh air, but things started to take a drastic turn when Wyatt and Bliss split.

Apparently, that wasn’t the only thing that split.

As with a number of things in the modern era, some fans were still on board, while others felt the gimmick turned whacky. Don’t put it past WWE to abandon ship if things get too terrible.