Wrestling spotlight: The tag team sensation known as the Renegade Twins

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As all of us celebrate black history month, it’s a time of recollection and reflection of rich history. When it comes to wrestling, there are tons of wrestlers who make history today and will be talked about for many years to come for their contributions today.

The Renegade Twins are a trailblazing tag team that has taken the independent Wrestling circuit by storm in a short amount of time. Their impact on the tag team division right now shows they will continue to grow and continue to make history in the future.

The Renegade Twins will be a major influence in wrestling.

The first time seeing Charlette and Robyn Renegade was through their appearances on AEW Dark and Dark Elevation. The first thing that stood out about them was their attitude and demeanor. When they competed in singles competition, it brought a lot of curiosity about them as a tag team.

The Renegade Twins had an interesting match outside of AEW against Katalina Perez and Lexi Gomez. At that point, the twins have been leaving their mark on Mission Pro Wrestling for months and the momentum kept growing with no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

They eventually won the Mission Pro Wrestling tag team titles. Their reign has exceeded all expectations and they are just getting started. Their confidence grew and was even reflected as they continued to make appearances on AEW Dark.

Tag team wrestling may not be everyone’s favorite since it sometimes hits a wall with new tag teams. It may also be how tag teams are presented in major wrestling companies. The most notable quality of the Renegade Twins is they may be twins, but they each bring strong qualities to the team.

Charlette tends to show a technical side to her wrestling game while Robyn will utilize brawling and various holds to inflict maximum pain. Those are different qualities that they bring to the team and make them a team that will continue to be dangerous for any women’s tag team division.

Sometimes when looking at sibling tag teams, they may have the same or similar style with each other. The Renegade Twins have a similar attitude, drive, and athleticism, but they each have different strengths. it’s a very rare case where Charlette and Robyn could both have an equal amount of singles success as much as a tag team.

If there was any doubt about the future of the tag team division, there shouldn’t be anymore. The Renegade Twins will only continue to get better as time goes by as they continue their Mission Pro Wrestling tag team reign and take on the best of the Independent wrestling circuit.

In the future, their names will be up there with legendary tag teams like the Hardy Boyz, the Dudley Boyz, and Harlem Heat in terms of winning tag team gold worldwide and establishing themselves as the best of all time.

As mentioned, they are a special tag team and special individuals fans will never find again in this lifetime. There is no telling how far the Renegade Twins will go in terms of domination worldwide, but one thing is for sure, there are tons of tag teams in their path as they solidify that lasting legacy.

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It will be a treat for fans to witness the Renegade Twins as they continue their rise as one of the best tag teams in this era. Stay tuned to Mission Pro Wrestling and the independent circuit to continue to witness history in the making firsthand.