NXT: Mandy Rose vs. Kay Lee Ray set for next week; Ciampa and Breakker defeat Wilde and Mendoza

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NXT kicks off with a 6 man tag team match featuring Imperium and Diamond Mine. As per the usual, Diamond Mind is accompanied by Malcolm Bivens and Ivy Nile.

So there’s that.

Imperium jumps The Mind before the opening bell. The opening minutes are uber fast past and even more uber hard-hitting.

Imperium is in complete control.

As the match progresses, things stay the same. Imperium is still in complete control. We get hit with that picture/picture commercial break and when that’s over the momentum begins to shift in favor of Diamond Mine for a brief moment.

Imperium eventually gets the victory thanks to a powerbomb courtesy of WALTER… oh, I mean Gunther.

Toxic Attraction hit the ring next. Jacy announces that the NXT Women’s Titles will be on the line at Vengence day and their opponents will be Indi and Persia. They should so come up with a stable name.

Mandy is about to speak, but Kay Lee interrupts. Kay Lee requests a Women’s Championship Title match.

But Mandy hit her with the, “um how about no.”

Mandy then touts her success as a model. Kay Lee counters by pretty much saying it’s not about that, it’s about ring skills. She goes on to poke fun at the champ’s past blunders. Then Mandy fires back with the classic “look at me now” response.

Kay Lee claims she WILL get that title shot by the end of the night. Mandy disagrees. Mandy gets slapped in the face. Gigi and Jacy run to the aide of their leader. Kay Lee Ray grabs her bat, and well you know what happens next. Toxic Attraction scrambles out of the squared circle.

Up next it’s Ms. Gonzalez vs. Cora Jade

As you probably would’ve guessed, Raquel Gonzales is power housing her way through Jade, but Cara is showing a lot of heart and resilience.

For example, There’s a spot where Gonzales attempts a gunslinger, but Jade counters with a submission.

After a valiant effort, Big Mami Cool picks up the win via a Chingona Bomb. Although Jade lost the match, it looks like she won something a lot more important: Raquel’s respect. Guess it’s safe to say the skater girl has found herself a tag team partner for the Dusty Classic.

Up next, it’s time for the return of Sarray. She’s going up against Kayla Inlay

As the match moves forward, we get an update on if Mandy Rose will accept Kay Lee Ray’s challenge. So far, it’s still a no. Oh, by the way, Kay Lee abducted Gigi and Jacy earlier after their verbal exchange in an attempt to force Mandy into facing her.

Still no word on their whereabouts.

By the way, Surray picks up the win.

Would’ve been a shame to have it any other way… Yeah, the match was still going which is why this is written like that.

Carmelo and Trick are on next.

They’re talking about The A Champion’s next opponent. It doesn’t take long for Grimes to interrupt.

Hayes and Trick get roasted. Something about SpongeBob & fiending on the Gram for Olliejayy. Anyway, the three do a pretty good job of hyping up the Hayes/Grimes match a Vengence.

Up next, it’s Joe Gacy vs. LA Knight.

Joe Gacy wins this one and if you thought it was a clean W, you haven’t been watching NXT.

Grayson Waller (I legit forgot about him) attacks Knight when the ref is distracted. Knight manages to beat the 10 count, but Gacy ultimately pins him for the win.

Wendy Choo vs. Amari Miller is up next. Wendy wins this match. Allow me to elaborate.

Tiffany Stratton tries to help Miller win. It backfires. Stratton loses her black card cause Wendy took it after Stratton threw it. Stratton looks pissed.

It appears it’s time for a what? You guessed it; a teachable moment.

Andre Chase goes one on one with Draco Anthony. Chase gets the win after Big Draco diserpects the Chase U flag.

Main even time next, as it’s

… time to promote WWE 2K22, I guess.

Un K, so after we get back from the commercial break, it’s now main event time.

Ciampa/Breakker vs Legado del Fantasma (Raul Mendoza & Joaquin Wilde)
Ciampa and Joaquin Wilde start things off. Wilde tags Raul Mendoza after a brief skirmish, acool looking stereo stalling duplex from Breakker and Ciampa.

We get hit with the inevitable picture/picture break.

Sounds like someone really wants everyone to go pick up that Spicy Lover’s Pizza from Pizza Hut. Damn!

Back from the commercials and Escobar gets involved by tossing Bron into the steel steps.

Mendoza and Wilde start tagging each other frequently. They’re cutting the ring in half. It’s vintage tag team wrestling.

Bron finally makes the hot tag. Ciampa comes in like a house of fire and takes out both men.

Escobar gets on the ring apron. Mendoza takes advantage. He takes Bron down and delivers a sick-looking Phoenix splash. Things start to break down… and woah. Mendoza takes the pin, but Wilde took one hell of an announcer table bump.

The night’s not over yet, though.

After chasing Rose around the building all night, Kay Lee finally gets what she wants. A championship match next week… and all it took was kidnapping Gigi & Jacy, a “stiff” moment with Malik and Edris, and getting slathered in food for Mandy to accept. Well, I guess you can’t say Kay Lee Ray isn’t a woman of her word, eh?