Independent Wrestling Spotlight with Billie Starkz

Used by permission of Billie Starkz
Used by permission of Billie Starkz /

Billie Starkz, at her young age, has taken the independent wrestling world by storm. Starkz, who is still early in her career, has already had a ton of top-notch matches with some of the best wrestlers on the independent scene, continuing to make a name for herself. So, who exactly is Billie Starkz?

The Beginning of Billie Starkz

Billie was introduced to the world of professional wrestling by her step-father, Mouse. Mouse is a famous wrestling photographer who takes photos all over the indies. “I fell in love with it, as soon as I started watching it,” says Billie. “I started out by watching WWE and NXT, then I attended my first independent wrestling show and my love for it just grew.”

Getting into professional wrestling, Billie really looked up to Bayley, Sasha, and Finn Balor as well. She also credits Necro Butcher on the indies as well for helping her really enjoy professional wrestling. “I’ve never been so entertained by someone yeeting a trash can across a ring.”

Ever since Billie started watching professional wrestling, she knew that was what she wanted to do with her life. “It was something I truly connected with,” says Billie. “In my head I said I’ll go to school, finish college, and find a wrestling school near my college.”

However, Billie decided that since she had made up her mind, she would start training earlier and said why not start now. On her first day of training, Billie recalls going to training right after cheerleading practice. “I was supposed to just watch, but my trainer invited me into the ring and I had a great time.”

“It was an awe-struck moment,” says Billie. “My mom took me and my dad showed up later. I remember my dad telling my mom she was never going to get me out of the ring because I just had the biggest smile on my face.”

Over the course of her training, Billie had the opportunity to learn from Ricky Steamboat and Barry Wyndham as well. She enjoyed learning from all different types of people. “Wrestling is like a flavor of ice cream, there are so many options to choose from,” says Billie.

Billie thoroughly enjoys learning all different types of wrestling and is very interested in learning more. “I’m a new-school person,” says Billie. “The old-school guys who made it so long helped teach me how to take care of my body and how to tell a true story in a match. There is so much more you can get out of beating your body up while entertaining a crowd and telling a story.”

Billie’s career has grown very, very quickly. “I’ve been very lucky that I’ve been able to find other kids like me in wrestling,” says Billie. “Like Marcus Mathers, Nick Wayne, and Starboy Charlie.” Billie also says that Rok-C has helped her a lot as well because she started at the same age Billie did and has been helpful to her. “My journey has made me feel very fortunate and very lucky.”

Billie Starkz Takes Over The Indies

Billie Starkz has truly taken over the independent wrestling scene. She has wrestled all over. One place Billie has wrestled is Black Label Pro. “It was truly a great experience,” says Billie. “They’re coming back very soon which I’m super excited about.”

Billie has been with BLP from the very beginning. She started out doing promo photos there and then when she became a wrestler, she moved to an in-ring talent. “I love the energy and everyone there so much,” says Billie. “Mikey is doing a great job there and doing an incredible job for his fans as well, with COVID and everything he has faced this year.”

Another company Billie wrestles at is The Wrestling Revolver. Billie says she was very excited about wrestling at Revolver. “Sami Callihan messaged me and told me he loved me but he wasn’t allowed to book me until I turned 18,” says Billie. “However, I changed his mind when he saw how hard I worked.”

Billie says she knows it’s hard when people see her age and then still allow her to get in the ring. “For me, it’s just a norm, but I don’t see a problem with it,” says Billie. “It’s like any other sport. I did cheerleading for a while and my brother did football, it’s no different.”

Billie has also gotten the opportunity to wrestle at arguably one of the biggest independent promotions in the world today, Game Changer Wrestling. “I’ve come to love that crowd and that energy,” says Billie.

“They’re making a difference on the independents. They’re helping wrestling grow their brand and truly make a living by wrestling on the indies. It just truly gives them a platform to grow,” says Billie. Billie hasn’t only wrestled all over the independents, but she has truly wrestled some of the best the indies have to offer.

Billie Starkz vs. The World

One person that Billie has gotten to work with is Shotzi Blackheart. At the time, Billie says she didn’t see how big of a deal it was. “She was a friend to me at first,” says Billie. “Seeing how much she’s grown and being of her last matches before she got signed, I was so happy I was able to get that opportunity.”

Billie also recalls a show in Indianapolis at Bizarro Lucha where she got to work with Shotzi again. She says that at that show, Shotzi was Pizza Cat and she passed on that character to Billie. “She made me Pizza Cat Jr, I thought that was very funny and super nice of her to do.”

Billie also got to wrestle Skye Blue. Skye has truly taken over the wrestling world, making a name for herself on AEW. “I love Skye so much,” says Billie. “I lost count of how many matches we actually had.”

Billie also says that Skye is a phenomenal talent and she can truly make a living doing this. “I’m so happy she’s been able to be on AEW, seeing her grow since I’ve met her, it’s awesome to see.” Billie also got to wrestle arguably the women’s wrestler of the year in 2021, Deonna Purrazzo.

Billie says she is a very technical wrestler, which isn’t always easy to find women wrestling that style on the indies. “It was a different type of match for me,” says Billie. “That’s what helps me grow as a wrestler, it was very fun and I was so happy we were able to wrestle.”

Billie and Deonna are supposed to wrestle again for Revolver. It’s been two years since they last wrestled so a lot has changed for both of them. “A lot has changed in two years,” says Billie. “I know I’ve gotten much, much better.”

Billie had what many called the match of the year, in 2021, with Masha Slamovich as well. “It was a very hard-hitting match, but very fun,” says Billie. “We wanted to wrestle for a very long time, when it finally happened it was everything we hoped and wanted it would be.”

Billie recalls being so happy how happy that match made everyone. “People came up to us and said we had the best match of the show, hands down,” says Billie. “I was like, did you see the show? ACH was on the show. Then I checked online and they were saying how it was a match of the year contender which was super cool. I hope we get to wrestle again sometime soon.”

What’s Next For Billie Starkz?

Billie says right now she wants a round two match with Kylie Rae and Nick Wayne. She also hopes to just continue growing as a wrestler as well. Billie also hopes to be able to wrestle on the West Coast sometime soon as well. “Prestige is out there, so is Defy,” says Billie. “There are so many wrestlers out there I never got to wrestle and I hope to fix that someday and learn from them as well.”

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A big goal from Billie though is she wants to be on PWG. “PWG is one of my biggest goals,” says Billie. “I know it may take a while to get there, but I’ll keep training, keep working hard, and get to that point.”

If you want to support Billie Starkz, you can follow her on all of her socials, @BillieStarkz. She is also selling merchandise on BigStarkzBrand.