Five matches we must see for Keith Lee in All Elite Wrestling /

Former WWE superstar Keith Lee is rumored to be heading to AEW after officially becoming a free agent after his WWE 90-day non-compete clause expired. Keith Lee is one of the most popular wrestlers today because of how he can connect to the fans. The WWE dropped the ball with him on the main roster by changing everything the fans loved about him in NXT. He is what many consider to be a unicorn within the world of wrestling because of his great in-ring talent and charisma. In this article, I will be discussing the five matches we must see for Keith Lee in AEW.

5. Adam Cole

Keith Lee and Adam Cole share a fascinating history on the black and gold NXT brand. Keith Lee beat Adam Cole for the NXT championship, ending Cole’s reign at 403 days and putting the championship around his waist. Both men are incredible workers, both in-ring and on the mic. Both Wrestlers have great athleticism and immensely diverse move-sets that make them two of the best wrestlers in the world. When Cole and Lee were feuding on NXT, Adam Cole played the villain role to perfection, and Keith was the perfect babyface who could get the fans behind him. This type of storytelling that AEW needs in the company right now lets fans invest in.

4. Jon Moxley

Keith Lee and Jon Moxley is a dream match that AEW can make come true by booking this match. Moxley is another former WWE talent who once had success but was let down by creative indifferences. Lee is a wrestler capable of producing a similar body of work now he has left the WWE. Lee has the chance to go back to the wrestling style he was doing NXT as the foundation to rebuild himself up as a threat in AEW. Jon Moxley is the type of wrestler who would elevate Keith Lee in AEW, being one of AEW’s top maim event draws. If Keith Lee debuted for AEW, many fans would want to see this match-up happen.

3. CM Punk

Keith Lee versus Cm Punk is a match that could help elevate Lee because since CM Punk has returned to wrestling, he has been on a mission to help younger wrestlers. By the time we see Lee in an AEW ring, CM Punk may feel he is ready to step up to the main event level of AEW. Keith Lee could be the right person to push CM Punk in the ring to the level that fans know Punk still has in him. Keith Lee and CM Punk would be an exciting match because both wrestlers are loved by fans, but what if Keith Lee was the wrestler who could be the one that gets CM Punk to become the evil heel that wrestling fans want to see. Keith Lee being released from WWE was one of the best things to happen to Keith Lee’s career because now we get to see Lee with a point to prove. If he wants to taste success within AEW, he and Punk may well have to cross paths.

2. Bryan Danielson

WWE will regret not doing a Keith Lee vs. Daniel Bryan match when they had the chance because both wrestlers have a point to prove in the ring. Keith Lee is one of the few wrestlers today who is cut from Bryan’s same professional wrestling cloth. Both wrestlers commit themselves to tell a story that the fans can get behind in the ring. The fact that Lee and Danielson never wrestled each other is a shame, but AEW has the chance to change all that by giving wrestling fans a dream match that would deliver.

1. Kenny Omega

When Kenny Omega returns, he will be the most popular wrestler in AEW. He will probably want to get his AEW World championship back. It is only suitable that Kenny Omega climbs his way back to the top by having matches with some wrestlers who also have their eyes set on becoming AEW World champion. If Keith Lee wants to impact AEW, then going for AEW top guy should be at the top of that list. Keith Lee is like Omega in many ways because both wrestlers are great in-ring talent and have charismatic promos that make the fans want to get behind them. Keith Lee vs. Kenny Omega would be the best way for Lee to reintroduce himself to the world and for Kenny to reclaim his spot as the best wrestler in AEW.