Sasha Banks’s star will outgrow the WWE brand


WWE recognizes the potential of Sasha Banks outgrowing the brand.

The Royal Rumble has come and gone, but the major event left a lot of t talk about in the WWE. While some may focus on Shane McMahon allegedly taking the hit for the underwhelming men’s rumble, there’s a distinct conversation about the WWE struggling to develop any major stars. The women’s roster has names that catch the attention of fans and media members, but one stands far above the rest. That’s Sasha Banks. As her star continues to shine, there must be cause for concern that she’s outgrown the WWE.

Organizations like the WWE are built and function to keep the brand larger than any one individual. Another example of such is the UFC, where the promotion quickly switches up narratives around who are top names and which fighters will compete for what titles. All of that is done to make sure that none of the “independent contractors” under contract become larger than the brand.

Are there individuals that still overcame the odds? Certainly. Dwayne “The Rock Johnson, John Cena, and Conor McGregor are just a few of them. While McGregor’s ability to flex has waned, WWE struggles to find ways to get The Rock and Cena involved as their other projects and fame continue to grow. The company could be facing a comparable situation with Banks in the future.

WWE knows that Banks is a huge star in the making. This is exactly why her accolades outside the wrestling ring are frequently touted on WWE quarterly investor calls. Just listen to the most recent edition where she was praised for being featured in the promotional video for the NCAA Football National Championship. Before that, Banks was lauded for being a part of the hit Disney show, The Mandalorian, even though WWE neglected to mention that any time she was on camera during one of their shows.

Could it be because she gained that opportunity because she appeared on Hot Ones, rather than being “discovered” within the WWE’s line of content?

Banks as a crossover star isn’t a new development

Here’s the thing, Banks’s ceiling as a crossover star was recognized long ago. Look back to her time on NXT or when she was first called up to the main roster, not only was she tabbed by fans and media personalities as a name to watch, outside properties recognized her potential as well. Think back to 2018 when she appeared on Wild ‘N Out and TRL. Even NASCAR welcomed her in with open arms.

Banks’s potential as a crossover attraction goes even further when looking at the demographics she touches. Her fanbase is a diverse group of people across the full spectrum that make up the true population of consumers. She reaches target demos that very few in professional wrestling are elevated enough to reach. In doing so, more opportunities for her expansion continue to develop.

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Banks’ fans consistently complain about how she’s booked in the WWE. Seeing how quickly she was dispatched during the Royal Rumble didn’t help either. It took years on the main roster before she was booked to hold a singles championship for more than 35 days. Some may speculate that part of the reasoning behind how she’s booked is to hopefully dim whatever interest may grow in her outside the walls of the WWE. Whether that idea is off base or not, Sasha Banks’s star will outgrow the WWE sooner, rather than later.