NXT: Mandy Rose defeats Kay Lee Ray

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It’s February 8th and the year is 2022. That means NXT 2.0 will be broadcasted via the Syfy network and not USA due to the Winter Olympics. So, read on for all the fallout from NXT tonight, and let’s go USA… not the network, I’m referring to the team.

The Creed Brothers vs. Grizzled Young Veterans (Dusty Classic Semi-Final Match)

After a brief hype package for the women’s championship match later tonight, the first match of the evening features The Creed Brothers and GYV. It’s one of two semi-final matches in the men’s Dusty classic.

GYV have something to say on the Mic, but whatever that noise is, they don’t get to finish it. The Creed Brothers run up the ramp to jumpstart the match.

The NXT crowd seems to be solidly behind The Creed Bros as many of them can audibly be hered chanting “Creed” as they do damage to GYV. Things get turned around when the action spills to the outside and GYV do damage to Brutus’ neck area.

After a few minutes of GYV domination, Brutus is finally able to make the tag and Julius comes in like a house of fire. Soon after Brutus gets tagged back in and picks up the win.

The Creed Brothers advance and that means they’ll be in the finals this year.

Wendy Choo vs. Tiffany Stratton

Before they come to blows, Stratton confronts Wendy about the whereabouts of her black card. Little does Barbie know, her credit card currently resides in a trash can.

Quick question. Why didn’t Tiffany just get her dad to cancel the card once she knew Wendy had it?

Anyway, Wendy doesn’t start this match by taking a nap or sleeping on the top turnbuckle. She gets some offense, but once Stratton gets mad at the fact that her nail gets broken. She gives Wendy a beating and ultimately wins this one.

Pete Dunne vs. Draco Anthony

This match starts with a picture/picture break. When said break ends, one thing to note is the fact that Joe Gacy and Harland are watching. It appears they’re trying to bring big Draco to the fold. Hmm. Imagine that faction.

This match certainly isn’t intended to be some squash match in order to make Dunne look like a badass in order to hype him up for his match with D’Angelo at Vengeance.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, Dunne wins. He bitter ends Draco through the ring mat, almost. We get an attempted sneak attack from Tony D. But that doesn’t do squat. After Dunne wins, he suggests the cage match have weapons included, next week. Tony accepts!

LA Knight vs. Saurav Gurjar (Sanga)

There’s a brief staredown. Obviously, Sanga is bigger, but Knight isn’t showing any signs of fear.

Knight is a big dude himself, but he’s playing David and Sangaa playing Goliath here. Grayson Waller exposes the top turnbuckle pad and he looks goofy as ever with his wardrobe, but what else’s new?

The goofball’s heelish ways come back to haunt him, as it serves as the key reason Sanga losses here.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, it’s ok. Just letting you know, LA Knight wins with help from the exposed turnbuckle.

Bron Breakker/Santos Escobar (NXT Champiship Summit)

Bron is well aware of how summits/contract signings go and he wants to fight right here, right now. Santos Escobar doesn’t oblige and states that they’ll be doing things on his time; he’s the one pulling the strings.

Then, Dolph Ziggler shows up. Ziggler makes himself at home by sitting in a chair and propping his feet up. He says he works Tuesdays.

He asks Bron who the hell he is and Bron responds by saying he’s the NXT Champion and as soon as he gets done with Escobar, he’ll face Ziggler.

Soon after, The former champ shows up. Some of the fans chant fatal 4 way as he’s making his way to the ring.

All 4 men keep jaw-jacking for a little while longer. Then, The Show Off flaps his gums a little too much at Ciampa. It earns him a boot to the face. Everybody starts brawling. It ends with Legado standing tall and Santos telling Bron he’ll see him next week.

Sarray vs. Dakota Kai

We get hit with that dreaded picture/picture break and it’s Kai with a beatdown on Surray when that’s over.

There was a point when Kai his a reverse swinging neck breaker and it looked like she won, but not so fast. She proceeds to talk to herself afterward.

Soon after, Sarray picks up a very impressive win. The match wasn’t that long and then there’s that picture/picture problem, but it served its purpose.

MSK vs. Malik Blade & Edris Enofe (Dusty Classic Semi-Final Match)

Well, you could either look at this like there’s no way Enofe and Blade have a snowball’s chance at winning because MSK is destined to win the tournament back to back or there could also be a possibility that the less experienced team get the victory and a rub from MSK.

Either way, both teams showcased their skills, athleticism, and inactivation in this match.

If you wondering MSK wins the match and therefore, they advance.

Mandy Rose vs. Kay Lee Ray (NXT Women’s Championship Match)

If you thought the rest of Toxic Attraction would be accompanying Mandy to the ring, it didn’t go down like that… or so we thought.

Indi and Persia take care of Gigi and Jacy before the match starts, so it’s just Mandy and Kay Lee at the start.

Mandy tries to strike but Kay sways and lands a few strikes of her own.

Mandy gets some forearms to the face followed by a tornado ddt. Kay Lee is rolling. Mandy exists the ring. Kay Lee follows suit and attacks her there too.

Mandy soon turns things around and begins the trash talking. She hits the spinebuster. After that, she locks in a body scissors with a few strikes to boot, but Ray escapes it.

The crowd is pretty split down the middle, as Ray gains back momentum.

Ray locks in a Koji Clutch. Rose eventually breaks it.

Somehow, Gigi and Jacy survive the Indi and Persia beating. They help Mandy retain.

Io hits the ring and takes out Toxic A. Kay Lee drops Mandy with a gory bomb. Mandy is holding her title, as Kay Lee and Io are taunting her and the rest of Toxic Attraction, which concludes tonights’ broadcast.