MJF officially became a star when he defeated CM Punk in Chicago

MJF kisses his pinky ring (photo courtesy of AEW)
MJF kisses his pinky ring (photo courtesy of AEW) /

MJF got the signature win that he desperately needed.

Since the start of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), it became apparent that MJF was going to be a future world champion. Coming from Major League Wrestling (MLW), “The Salt of the Earth” had the “it” faction to be the biggest heel in the business. His ability on the microphone is unmatched when it comes to the newer generation of wrestlers. No one comes close. Some of his remarks can come off as cheap, but more often than not he is on point.

MJF has shown that he isn’t a one-trick wrestler either. He can go in the squared circle. The match that he had with Darby Allin opened more eyes than ever which were needed after what was a failed program with Chris Jericho.

From infiltrating the Inner Circle to losing the final match of their feud, all MJF walked away with was wasted time and a need for a big win once more. It was almost as though the wins he got over “Le Champion” were null and void. They didn’t happen because all you could really remember was MJF walking out the next day with a pouting face and being butthurt that he took the loss to the former AEW World Champion.

Step in CM Punk. This was the feud everyone wanted. Not only was it a way for him to be matched on the microphone, but Punk would bring the best out of him and let us know where he stands moving forward. Throughout their segments, MJF came off better and better each time. He wasn’t going to his cheap blows at Punk nearly as often but using the truth that resonated with Punk, leading to it only making Punk better in the end as well.

The rivals working against one another set up for their huge match in Chicago on Dynamite, but the feud wouldn’t have accomplished anything unless “The Salt of the Earth” walked out as the winner. If he lost, it would be following the “one step forward, two steps back” mentality which is not what MJF needed for his career.

CM Punk vs. MJF was finally happening in the main event and by the time the match was thought to be over, the goal had seemingly been accomplished. Punk was passed out in the middle of the ring and MJF stood with his arms raised, victorious. Once the tape had fallen out from under his arm, the match was restarted by referee Bryce Remsburg – much like his final match with Jericho at All Out. The idea of taking a loss started to creep in, a detrimental loss if it were to happen.

Yet by the end of the night, MJF managed to pin CM Punk in the middle of the ring for the three count and the lasting image of him sitting criss-cross with his arms out à la Punk, who famously did that following his famous Pipebomb promo. Maybe he didn’t get the win without some cheating, but the record books say that MJF was the man to hand Punk his first loss in AEW. That is a career-defining win for MJF.

As stated earlier, MJF was always seen as a future world champion. He has already challenged for the AEW World Championship. But MJF was a signature win away from being ready to be AEW World Champion. He has it now.

Following the win over Punk, “The Salt of the Earth” has never been more ready to become the top champion in AEW. All signs say that MJF could be the man to take the title from Hangman Page down the line and up until last week, it didn’t fit.

Thanks to CM Punk and what those two were able to create in their feud, MJF is going to be deserving of that huge win when it is time.

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