Five matches we must see for Jay White in All Elite Wrestling

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Jay White, the former IWGP Heavyweight champion and Wrestle Kingdom main eventer for New Japan Pro Wrestling, made his debut on AEW dynamite this week when he popped up backstage in a segment involving The Young Bucks and Adam Cole. It was later revealed that Adam Cole invited Jay White to surprise the Young Bucks. Jay White is one of the most popular wrestlers in the world today.

Since last summer, he has been splitting his time between NJPW and Impact Wrestling, but now he has come to AEW, which should create some exciting matches for wrestling fans. This article will discuss the five matches we must see for Jay White in AEW.

5. Jay White Vs. Adam Cole

Jay White Vs. Adam Cole is a dream match that fans have wanted to see for years, but it could not happen because Cole was in WWE and White was in NJPW. AEW should not waste a second on delivering it, especially since they have a history of being a part of the bullet club. The elite and Adam Cole storylines are some of the best storylines that AEW has because of Cole’s history with the elite. AEW is the wrestling company that gives wrestling fans what they want, so I would not be surprised to see White and Cole teaming up first against the bucks, leading to Cole turning on White.

4. Jay White Vs. Malakai Black

Malakai Black has been a great talent so far since he joined the company, and inside the ring, it is well known how much of a great wrestler he is. That is why fans would want to see Jay White and Black mix it up with each other inside the ring. With Black having his winning streak going on currently in AEW, it would be nice to see him face a challenger who could push him to the limit. The two men would have a great match inside the ring, but it would also be great for both wrestlers to see how far they could go against each other.

3. Jay White Vs. Bryan Danielson

When it comes to Bryan Danielson, he has been the AEW MVP signing of 2021 by putting on great matches every week. Jay White is one of the best wrestlers in the world and has been putting on classic matches in NJPW for years now, but if he were to step foot in the ring with Bryan Danielson, it would create a fantastic moment for him AEW. Bryan Danielson, at this moment, is the best wrestler in the world, and a match with Jay White could help elevate White in the eyes of the fans who have not seen Jay White wrestle in NJPW and Impact Wrestling.

2. Jay White Vs. Pac

When it comes to wrestlers in AEW that should be at the top of the card, Pac is that guy for me. Pac has had many great matches in AEW that has shown fans that he can deliver to high-profile matches. This is a match that AEW should save for a Pay-Per-View match because these two would put on a match that should not be given away for free. Jay White and Pac styles would mix well in the ring and could be a feud that takes AEW to the next level.

1. Jay White Vs. Kenny Omega

Jay White and Kenny Omega have a history in the ring because of their time together in NJPW. If Jay White wants to make an impact, then being the first person that Omega feuds with when he returns are something that AEW should book. Jay White wrestling Kenny Omega in AEW is a significant match for fans, and one that most people never thought would be possible, but AEW has once again opened the forbidden door, and fans can now see this match on a big stage.

Both wrestlers have ties to NJPW and the Bullet Club that can play into their storyline. The seeds for this match were planted last summer when Kenny was still the Impact wrestling world champion. AEW should be using that to help show that these two are destined to meet inside an AEW ring. This is a match that AEW must make happen in 2022.