Wrestling Spotlight: “The Fighting Siren” Shaloncé Royal

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In the month of November, Shaloncé was covered after she made an appearance on AEW Dark against Red Velvet. She made a strong impression, focusing on her being a potential major pick-up. While that remains true, Shaloncé has made waves in the independent wrestling circuit the first few months of 2022.

Shaloncé Royal has achieved new milestones in wrestling.

As mentioned before, Shaloncé has a special way of standing out. The first time she went against Red Velvet, she stood out for telling a story and solidifying herself as an athlete capable of anything.

Her beautiful voice and capability to keep a tune while wrestling a match against Red Velvet made her special. Fans demanded more of Shaloncé on AEW, and they soon got their wish as Shaloncé went against Red Velvet in a rematch.

Shaloncé was more aggressive than she was in the initial match and it brought a lot of interest to the AEW Dark program. As usual, she took full advantage to show AEW fans who she is as a competitor. Even though she lost the match, she won fans over.

The chatter grew much louder on social media to the point there is even a video that was made just three months ago that has gained well over eighteen thousand views. Fans on all major social media platforms have been rooting for Shaloncé and catching on to how special she is as a competitor.

AEW management can’t ignore the voice of the fans just as much they cant ignore Shaloncé for long. Even though Tony Khan has not picked up on Shaloncé Royal yet, she has continued to make her presence felt in the independent wrestling circuit.

Shaloncé achieved a new milestone as she became the inaugural IWA-Belladonna division champion. She is part of an all-women wrestling promotion on the rise, and yet another zone of opportunity for fans to see new talent and their current favorites of the independent circuit.

Royal is a special talent with a special storytelling ability. There have been other key talents who fit that mold including Holidead, Brittany Wonder, and Kacee Carlisle to name a few. She is in great company for names who have helped change the landscape of independent wrestling.

Shaloncé has a storytelling ability that gives fans the full experience of continuation in storylines, which is not an easy thing to do in the independent wrestling circuit. Through the power of social media, she has made it easy to follow the story and her journey no matter where she ends up.

The journey has taken major turns with her going to new levels in her career and it’s only February. The rest of 2022 is truly the year of Shaloncé Royal and everyone is taking notice as she continues her title reign and take on new challenges.

That brings us to yet another chapter in the book of Shaloncé. She faces the biggest test in her young career as she goes against Kamille for the NWA women’s championship at Georgia Independent Pro Wrestling on February 27th.

Kamille made a name for herself in a quick fashion for standing out in the same way Shaloncé has stood out. Kamille stood out for her early days of being silent, while Shaloncé has stood out for using every aspect of her powerful voice.

The match is truly a tale of two standout wrestlers going head to head for the first time ever. This historic NWA women’s title defense will surely have all eyes on The fighting Siren as she chases a grand prize with such rich historical wrestling heritage behind it.

Next. The Crockett Cup is back on March 19 and 20 in Nashville, Tennessee. dark

Shaloncé has hit a new high in a short amount of time, and she’s just getting started. No matter where she goes, the sweet sound of her voice will surely lead to her next victory as she continues to make history in wrestling. Tune in for her match on February 27th on Fite TV to witness Shaloncé Vs Kamille, and follow her Twitter and Instagram for more updates.