Wrestling Spotlight: The “M.O.M.” Rachelle Riveter


There have been a lot of sensational wrestling moms in the women’s division such as Maria, Mickie James, Becky Lynch, Madison Rayne, Jade Cargill, Brandi Rhodes, and so many others. They have continued to win championships and be game-changers for professional wrestling.

That brings us to a special wrestler who fans may not know yet, she is known as Rachelle Riveter. She is a sensational wrestling mom of the independent circuit who is on a rise during a great period of change for independent wrestling.

Rachelle Riveter is a must-know athlete from independent Wrestling.

The first impression of Rachelle was through her social media page like most other wrestlers. It just so happen she was showing new and old fans why she is a force to be reckoned with. Her confidence and natural leadership attitude was a strong first impression, and it hooked us in to explore her even more.

When she isn’t wrestling, she is a loving mother, and it’s clear that Rachelle has many interesting layers to herself as a wrestler and person. The two worlds are in complete harmony with each other and not so exclusive as it would be for other wrestlers.

At that point, it was time to watch Rachelle’s matches. She has a very large presence when searching her name on YouTube and there were a lot of matches to choose from to learn more about Rachelle as a wrestler.

When watching Rachelle wrestle, there were lots of surprises in each match. Whether it’s her deceptive strength or her numerous kicks, and dropkick variations, she has a large arsenal of offense for every opponent.

It fits right into her personality outside of the ring when it comes to her work ethic and being a mom to show not just her kid, but kids everywhere that there are truly unlimited possibilities. Whether she’s going against powerhouses like Lillith Grimm or a competitor where she’s more equally matched, she’s always a favorite to win the match.

In a wrestling circuit filled with the most talent and opportunities, Rachelle fits right in with the vision of women’s wrestling. She is a truly well-rounded wrestler and it shows with every match she has now and it means a lot more for the future.

Fans should pay close attention to Rachelle because if they don’t know, they will regret it later. Every once in a while a wrestler in the independent circuit stands out without the need of being in the presence of a major company, which is a testament to how hard she has worked in the ring and at being a strong presence that people can’t forget when they see her for the first time.

Rachelle’s future is as bright as can be, and there is no stopping her at all. No matter who she goes against or where it is, she will continue to do what she has always done and that is working hard and continuing her rise to the top.

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Stay tuned on Rachelle Riveter’s Twitter for all wrestling content and where she will end up next. Fans won’t want to miss it as she continues the amazing journey to be the toughest mom in independent wrestling.