Bianca Belair and Rihanna as tag champs would break the Internet


The WWE Women’s Tag Team division needs some help. WWE has failed to book it in any interesting fashion. Teams are non-existent and adequate television time is even less so. WWE often relies on outside celebrities to “boost” content as seen with Ronda Rousey, Bad Bunny, and Johnny Knoxville. Bianca Belair recently mentioned teaming with another major star in Rihanna. That is a partnership that would break the internet.

Rihanna is a generational talent that doesn’t need any type of introduction. Even wrestling fans who vindictively respond “who” when someone outside their sphere of interest is introduced to wrestling know who Rihanna is in pop culture. She’s gone from an award-winning musician to a business mogul who is reportedly worth more than one billion dollars. Followed by millions of fans across all thing’s social media, Rihanna is the personification of a superstar.

Even better, she recognizes Bianca Belair as a potential superstar in her own right. For an Instagram campaign, Belair recently collaborated with Rihanna’s beauty product brand, Fenty. It’s another aspect of Belair’s popularity to reach audiences outside of professional wrestling that few of her peers can match. While speaking with Alistair McGeorge of Metro, Belair hinted at the idea of her and Rihanna partnering to win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.

“When she’s ready to come back, I would love that,” Belair said in reference to Rihanna, who recently announced her pregnancy. “Come tag team with me, we can be tag team champions! I think we would break the internet with that one!”

And she’s right.

Belair, along with WWE colleague Sasha Banks, was recognized as one of the most tweeted about women’s athletes of the year. Rihanna’s every move draws all forms of engagement online, as her latest news shows.

Before some wrestling fans fold their arms in disdain, take a minute to cool off. Braun Strowman won the tag team championships with a child. Knoxville took part in the 2022 Royal Rumble, the same match where Bad Bunny was one of the last competitors in the match. Remember Snookie’s match back at WrestleMania 27? The list goes on with some memorable and not-so-memorable moments where celebrities participated in WWE storylines. It wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to see Rihanna and Belair being a top draw and interesting tag team pairing for a moment.

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Crossover appeal is an important part of the equation when WWE decides who to elevate and who not. Bianca Belair is clearly a performer on the roster with the ability to reach across isles. While WWE also fears that opportunity, if she and Rihanna would win the tag team titles together, they would hit an audience they struggle to reach today.