2 things that went right on the Feb. 14 episode of WWE Raw


Hopefully, you had something better to do on Valentine’s Day besides spending three hours watching the content machine known as WWE Raw. But if you did — and that is certainly your right to do so — it wasn’t all bad.

Sure, most of this week’s episode still contained the usual nonsense that makes you wonder how this company continues to make so much money, but even the worst shows aren’t 100 percent garbage, so it’s always important to point out those positives, even if it seems like they happened by accident.

So, in that spirit, let’s talk about those positives.

These are two things that went right on the Feb. 14 episode of WWE Raw.

Gauntlet match to determine who enters the women’s Elimination Chamber match last

At the propaganda show, six women will take part in an Elimination Chamber match to figure out who will challenge for the Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania. So with WWE needing to fill TV time and hype up the match, it went down the familiar avenue of booking a gauntlet match with the winner getting to enter the chamber match last.

While the lack of heat throughout most of the match, unfortunately, showed how poorly WWE has booked most of these women over the last year, it was encouraging to see WWE produce a match with some stakes. It was also nice to see WWE give Rhea Ripley a sustained run given how unevenly the company has presented her since calling her up last spring.

In the end, though, this was a showcase for Bianca Belair, who ultimately picked up the win after hitting Ripley with the KOD and tying a nice bow on a fun, lengthy match.

AJ Styles vs. Damian Priest ends with a legit finish

When WWE announced that Damian Priest would defend his United States Championship against AJ Styles, fans had good reason to be concerned given the formula WWE has followed with Priest over the last few months.

Yes, the idea of seeing Priest and Styles wrestle is a good one, but with Styles set to participate in the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match at the propaganda show, it wasn’t hard to envision WWE booking Priest to flip out and get disqualified as a lazy way to set up another rematch.

Surprisingly, though, this didn’t happen. Instead, Priest and Styles wrestled for four and a half minutes before Priest countered the Phenomenal Forearm and rolled up Styles to retain his title. While the match could’ve went longer, it was nice to see a Priest match end with a definitive finish and the loss didn’t hurt Styles too much.