Cody Rhodes to WWE would shake the wrestling landscape

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Cody Rhodes is single-handily attempting to break the professional wrestling multiverse. Fightful Select reported on Tuesday that he and AEW were unable to reach a new contract, and there’s speculation about a potential return to WWE. The immediate response to that news story created a maelstrom of speculation showing how big his leap would impact the landscape of wrestling.

Since the Fightful Select report, All Elite Wrestling, Cody, and Brandi Rhodes have released statements on the matter. Further driving home, the reality is a matter that should be taken seriously by professional wrestling fans.

Is there an opportunity that Rhodes returns to AEW? Of course. The two sides did not come to contract terms this time around but that doesn’t mean something could not shift in the coming days and weeks. If this turned out to be a massive play by the minds leading AEW, it would succeed in garnering headlines and attention during what tends to be a busy time of the year for professional wrestling. Even beyond that, if the promotion loses Rhodes to WWE or another company, there’s an opportunity to build interest to see how the company fills the gaping whole.

AEW fired off the first salvos in the battle of attracting talent from the WWE. The company signed over some top names that were released during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as Ruby Soho and Miro, but the additions of Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson were some of the first plays for names that WWE wanted to keep on the roster. Now, the proverbial shoe is on the other foot and WWE has a lot to gain in snatching up one of the biggest free agents available in the industry.

Rhodes’s presentation in professional wrestling has always had a WWE feel to it. From his promos, matches, and angles, you can tell that’s the legacy that comes from his father and starting his career in WWE. Seeing him go back to the company wouldn’t be much of a surprise from that standpoint. Plus, fans would have the opportunity to see him have some exceptional builds with the likes of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, and even more. Rhodes is a big enough star now that he could easily stand across from those names and hold his place in the spotlight.

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There are questions about whether Stone Cold Steve Austin is enough to build excitement heading into WrestleMania season. That is yet to be seen, but the idea of WWE signing Cody Rhodes is a definite yes. That’s a move that would cause people to turn their heads and see just what is going on in the Fed. Rhodes is the star that he promised everyone he’d become.