Five must see Stone Cold Steve Austin matches for new fans


One of the greatest wrestlers to step foot inside of a professional wrestling ring could be coming out of retirement for his first match in twenty years. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reported that the WWE is discussing doing a “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Kevin Owens match at Wrestlemania 38. If Steve Austin steps into the ring against Owens at Wrestlemania, it would be his first match since facing The Rock at Wrestlemania 19.

During the Attitude Era, there was no one popular as Stone Cold Steve Austin, and wrestling hasn’t seen someone as popular as him since. However, 20 years have passed since the last time he’s stepped into the ring. This piece looks at the best five matches of his career for any new wrestling fans that didn’t witness his greatness.

5. Steve Austin vs. The Rock – WrestleMania XIX

Steve Austin has been called the greatest WWE superstar of all time by his fans and wrestling peers. When Austin’s career came to an end at WrestleMania XIX was only 38 years old, which is still young for a professional wrestler.

In his final wrestling match, Steve Austin made sure that he went out there and put it all on the line by going against his greatest rival, The Rock. This was the third time that The Rock and Steve Austin met at Wrestlemania, and even though this match wasn’t as good as their previous matches, it still is one of the greatest matches in WWE history. The Rock would win this match and accomplish his goal of defeating Steve at Wrestlemania.

4. Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle – SummerSlam 2001

Steve Austin becoming a heel in 2001 when he was one of the most popular babyfaces is one of the many WWE decisions that fans have questioned over the years, but some good did come out of Austin’s heel turn. At Summerslam 2001, Austin would face Kurt Angle in the best match of his entire heel run, leading to one of the most excellent DQ finishes ever.

Austin beat Angle bloody and was determined to keep him down. When Austin couldn’t keep Kurt down, he desperately got himself disqualified to retain the championship. This was a time before the rampant DQ finishes seen in today’s WWE, and it made sense to continue the story forward.

3. Steve Austin vs. Triple H – No Way Out 2001

Austin and Triple H had a special rivalry during their time together. Steve Austin was on the road to Wrestlemania after winning the Royal Rumble, but first, he had to take care of his old foil. The match that Steve and Triple H had was a Three Stages of Hell match and one of the best matches either man had.

Austin managed to win the first fall, a regular wrestling match, and Triple H was able to score the pinfall in a street fight to even the score. Finally, the two legends would meet inside the final stage, a cage match. This violent match saw Steve Austin use a barbed wire board to counter Triple H sledgehammer. Triple H would win this match and use it as a stepping stone to becoming a more significant threat in the WWE.

2. Steve Austin vs. The Rock – Wrestlemania X7

Steve Austin and The Rock had a trilogy of matches against each other at Wrestlemania, but their match at Wrestlemania X7 is undoubtedly their best. It was the peak of the WWE Attitude Era and was the hottest period in personal wrestling history. Austin and The Rock had dominated wresting in this period and were why WCW lost the Monday Night Wars.

This match at Wrestlemania was the perfect story. Steve Austin had been out of the ring for a year because of a neck injury, and during that time that Austin was gone, it was The Rock who had become the biggest star in the WWE and the only man to rival Stone Cold for popularity. This was the biggest Wrestlemania main event match with an ending that left fans angry because Austin decided to join forces with Vince McMahon, who was his long-time rival.

1. Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart – WrestleMania 13

When it comes to must-watch Stone Cold Steve Austin matches, this is the match that fans should go back and watch. The Wrestlemania 13 match against Bret Hart was when Steve Austin became a star among the fans of the wrestling community. The two legends hated each other during this time, and it was decided that a submission match was the best match type for the two. While the Survivor series match was great, it took it up to multiple levels and can be in the argument as the best match in WWE history.

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This match has one of the most iconic finishes in WWE history when Austin is locked in the Sharpshooter and passed out from the pain and amount of blood coming out of his head. Austin not wanting to submit only made his popularity grow because he showed how tough he was. New and old wrestling fans should watch the most famous double-turn in professional wrestling history.