Wrestling Spotlight: Mama Shango’s magic for Independent Wrestling


Mama Shango has been a treat to watch in independent wrestling from the very beginning. While Papa Shango had a brief but memorable run in the past, Mama Shango has taken it a step further making herself a memorable wrestler in the independent circuit.

Mama Shango’s memorable contribution to Independent Wrestling.

The first time most of us saw Mama Shango was when she went against an established powerhouse known as Fallen Flower Kikyo. The match showed that Mama Shango may have a similar name to Papa Shango, but her wrestling style and confidence were what made her stand out.

During the match, it became clear that despite her colorful appearance, she is a serious wrestler in the ring. She showed that she has a very fundamentally sound wrestling style. Fans would be surprised by her magical timing and decisive technique in the ring.

She has mastery in chain wrestling and staying connected to her opponent. It’s almost like voodoo magic watching her technique in the ring and not giving her opponent an inch of breathing room when wrestling them straight up.

However, she is Mama Shango, and she still has magical antics that she utilizes with the help of a voodoo doll on her opponents. This is when she decides that she has had enough of her opponent and wants to finish them off magically.

The voodoo doll gives her full control over her opponent as long as she holds it in her hand. At times, she will mix it up between her chain wrestling and her magic to keep her opponent off balance.

Her magic is a breath of fresh air with storytelling and standing out in her own unique way. She has a personality that makes her an important piece for independent wrestling since she has the ability to make her matches stand out for the night.

When it comes to Mama Shango as a person, even though she is a magical competitor and possesses an ability that resonates with fans, she is one of the most unselfish competitors in independent wrestling today.

Even when the spotlight isn’t on her, she finds ways to put over fellow wrestlers. She has been vocal about racial and gender equality in the wrestling business. She has not been shy about the support of fellow independent wrestlers even for shows she is not involved in.

Her unselfishness touches the lives of many fans and wrestlers and it truly makes her one of the brightest sides of the business. Her hospitality and welcoming personality has made it easy to say she is probably one of the best to work within independent wrestling today.

There have been many times when it seemed like Mama Shango was overlooked by various companies, but she never changed and stayed true to who she is as a competitor. She continued her strive to bring a great atmosphere both online and in the locker room.

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No matter where it is, Mama Shango always puts on a memorable show. Fans will be happy to know her as she spreads magic in and out of the ring. Follow Mama Shango on Twitter to keep up with all her latest independent wrestling matches and more