Solo Sikoa has the potential to be a major star for the WWE


If NXT is about creating new stars, Solo Sikoa is at the top of that list.

A major star in NXT 2.0, Solo Sikoa should not be taken lightly. Since his debut on the revamped brand, he’s been one of the best parts of the show. Because of his family background, many expected him to make the jump to the main roster immediately, but he’s developed well while in NXT. There are many options the WWE can take with him as he continues to establish himself on the roster, including angles with his brothers and cousin on SmackDown.

Adding Sikoa as a member of The Bloodline could give him a massive boost if the WWE decides to keep the Anoai family together. He could be presented as another member of the group, ready to help them establish even further control over the brand. Or he can go another route as a threat to Roman Reigns, eventually leading the charge to split the entire faction.

Solo Sikoa doesn’t need to be teamed with his family right from the start

There’s even an opportunity to entirely branch him off on another brand, keeping his current gimmick on another show. He found success in other promotions such as GCW before joining WWE and it would not be too far of a leap to see him doing it again. WWE would always shave the space to go back to the family angle if they were to choose. Being the independent star, he can start as a babyface in the mid-card scene and gradually move up in the upper card.

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With all the potential in the world, it’s only a matter of when Sikoa will make his presence on the main roster and what the WWE has in store for him. He’s one of the few members of the NXT roster that have developed into an interesting attraction through the new presentation of the brand. Now that he seems to be targeting WALTER and Imperium, it will be interesting to see what direction that takes his career and what it means for his future.