Wrestling Spotlight: The “Ankle Breaker” Jordan Blade


When it comes to technical excellence in the wrestling ring, this wrestler stands out from any wrestler in the independent circuit and major companies. She is a textbook technical wrestler who is capable of winning in many ways.

If fans love names like Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, or Shayna Baszler, they would be in for a treat. She goes by the name the “Ankle breaker” Jordan Blade. She is arguably one of the best technical wrestlers in the independent wrestling circuit today and her future in wrestling will be amazing.

Jordan Blade’s bright future of independent wrestling.

Jordan Blade started off as a suggestion on YouTube after a time of catching up on other wrestlers’ matches. It was the first time most of us ever heard about Jordan and there was a lot of curiosity about this wrestler. Watching the match was a no-brainer and as usual, it was exciting to learn about a new wrestler to watch consistently.

After watching just one match, Jordan became a favorite for her technical excellence in the ring. One can say became a fan at first sight as she displayed unbelievable domination with power and an extremely high wrestling IQ in her match.

She knows her strengths and uses them to the fullest in the ring, With a rich background in jiu-jitsu, she has elements very similar to multi-time world champion Samoa Joe who incorporated jiu-jitsu in his overall wrestling arsenal.

In any match, Jordan is the clear favorite consistently and it doesn’t matter if her opponent has answers, because she has a way of escaping holds and countering any move planned on her. It became even more obvious when watching her match against former Impact knockout champion Deonna Purrazzo.

Deonna has always been about technical wrestling, so the fact she went toe to toe with Deonna and made it look easy. A true testament to how much of a true pure technical wrestler Jordan is in the ring. Curiosity about how she would do against other technically sound wrestlers came to mind.

It didn’t take long for Jordan’s paths to cross with some of them. She teamed with Leva Bates to go against Thunder Rosa and Ruby Soho on AEW Dark Elevation episode 47. During the match, Jordan gave a taste of her technical skills as she had some answers to Thunder Rosa before ultimately losing.

Even though the match was brief with a loaded card on AEW Dark Elevation, it spoke volumes about what Jordan could do one-on-one against Rosa. In any company, a match between the two is a dream match. One can even say Jordan has the answers to neutralize a red hot Thunder Rosa in the ring.

Jordan and Rosa having precise timing in common will make for an interesting one-on-one confrontation in the future. It would be an instant classic no matter where it appears next, whether it’s Mission Pro Wrestling or on AEW.

Jordan is a true student of the game and she stays involved within the wrestling community and never stops learning. The scary part is she is only going to be a more technically sound wrestler than she is right now.

Even though she is already great in the ring, she guns for more and never settles. She took a seminar for Mission Pro Wrestling and it speaks on her honorable mentality to always find ways to be involved and ways to always be better, because of that it’s so easy to cheer for Jordan Blade’s success.

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The future looks bright for Jordan Blade and it’s only a matter of time before she conquers a wrestling promotion. It’s a matter of when it happens, and every minute that passes by as Jordan continues to dominate in the ring, trains, and learns, she is that much closer to that time no matter where she ends up next.