Wrestling Spotlight: The reputation of the “Kick Demon” Janai Kai


Some wrestlers in the independent wrestling circuit have names that strike the heart differently. It’s mainly because of a built-up reputation that has made it easy to identify them even on a stacked card.

That’s what Janai Kai brings to the table as a wrestler. She gradually built a reputation through patience, hard work, and dedication that spread throughout the wrestling community and now her rise is based on her consistent work ethic on full display for all fans.

Janai Kai’s growing reputation in independent wrestling.

Let’s start from the very beginning hearing about Janai Kai for the first time. As mentioned many times, social media is a powerful tool and will introduce fans to wrestlers at a fast rate. On average, a fan will be introduced to five wrestlers a week. Although, the introduction to Janai Kai was off to a rocky start through a misunderstanding about the fact she is a wrestler.

In an amusing and somewhat embarrassing twist of fate, when seeing the name Janai Kai from a few select fans, it came at the same time as a talked-about show Cobra Kai. The assumption started off that the name Janai Kai was connected to that show.

The embarrassment only grew when the revelation revealed that Janai Kai is a wrestler. Still feeling a hint of shame and embarrassment, it was time to learn about Janai Kai for the first time. Once the ball got rolling, it was smooth sailing when looking at her matches up to that point.

It was very easy to see why some fans talked about her so much. She has amazing footwork and fluid motion in the ring. There’s no hesitation or fear when she executes her moves in the ring, and most of all, she’s genuine in the ring.

Janai’s reputation gradually grew over a period of time as the praise continued to rise from wrestlers. It trickled down and got the attention of even more fans. It became a pattern because of her work ethic, but there was so much more to her as fans learned more about her as a person.

She showed her love for wrestling as she hosted on the Twitch network to connect with fans. This showed us a side of her that was refreshing and showed her love for wrestling as she watched old matches with fans with deep discussions about wrestling and sometimes even about life and philosophy.

By this point, lots of fans knew about Janai’s passion and wanted to see her succeed no matter where she ended up next. She showed no signs of slowing down and fans who attended her Twitch session saw parallels to her ambitions in the ring.

Even with all of that, some fans started hearing about Janai Kai and questioned if she could actually go in the ring. It was almost sad and amusing seeing some fans try to pick apart as reasoning they think Janai Kai couldn’t go on the ring.

Those same fans were silenced after Janai Kai went against Thunder Rosa in Mission Pro Wrestling. The match was one of the biggest tests in Janai’s career, but she stayed true to what got her to that point. Rosa herself paid high compliments to Janai after the match.

Janai would go on to give competition to AEW against the likes of Jade Cargill and Red Velvet During the Red Velvet match on AEW Dark Elevation, more fans saw what most fans knew all along with how comfortable she is in the ring

Even though she lost both of those matches, it’s far from the end and only the beginning for Janai Kai in the wrestling industry. Someone with that much love for the business and lets her work speak for itself as she shares the love of wrestling with the fans is someone to be a game-changer in the future.

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Janai has continued to make moves and it’s all happening fast. Fans will want to get on board as she makes trips all around the independent wrestling circuit. Stay tuned as her opponents try to survive against the kick demon.