AEW Rampage: Christian is in the Face of the Revolution ladder match

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Tonight’s AEW Rampage is live tonight from Orlando, Florida two nights before AEW’s first pay-per-view of the year, Revolution.

Sammy Guevara (c) vs. Andrade El Idolo vs. Darby Allin

All three entrants had entrances shown live on Twitter in a digital exclusive. The winner of tonight’s match will face Scorpio Sky on next week’s Dynamite per a tweet from Tony Khan.

Guevara and Allin had their sights on El Idolo when he rolled out of the ring. They got out and he got in. Allin sent Guevara to the corner where El Idolo with a boot. Guevara hit a Code Red. Allin brought the champion down to the mat with a headlock. Guevara leap-frogged Allin and then hit him with a dropkick. On the turnbuckle, Guevara hit Allin with a diving knee twice followed by a vertical suplex. Andrade came up and power bombed both of them simultaneously.

Allin was tossed onto the ropes by El Idolo. He took his belt and hit Allin across the back. During picture-in-picture, he hit Guevara with it. El Idolo slammed Allin onto the turnbuckle before setting his sights on the champ. He did the same thing, but onto the barricade. Back in the ring, El Idolo stomped his opponents.

After the break, El Idolo suplexed Guevara twice, once into the turnbuckle. Allin slapped El Idolo and shoved him. El Idolo did a backflip onto Guevara and then hit Allin in the corner with his knees.

They took turns teeing off on each other with forearms and chops. Guevara and Allin briefly worked together. Andrade caught Allin doing a splash. El Idolo went up top and Allin shoved him down and hit him in the back with his belt. El Idolo got hit with a  Coast 2 Coast by Guevara.

Guevara was on the top rope when Allin went through the ropes to take out Andrade. Guevara was not happy and nearly pinned him. The two exchanged near falls. El Idolo kicked Allin in the face. El Idolo then hit Guevara with a driver. Allin hit a stunner on Andrade and Andrade got hit by a GTH. Allin pushed “The Spanish God” out of the ring and hit Andrade with the Coffin Flop. Guevara hit a senton and pinned Allin.

Sammy Guevara wins by pinfall

Death Triangle stood in the ring while Alex Abrahantes cut a promo. House of Black responded with their own promo before coming to the ring. Erick Redbeard made his Rampage debut to join Death Triangle.

Dan Lambert caught a promo about Scorpio Sky finally getting his shot at the TNT Championship.

Keith Lee vs. JD Drake

Keith Lee made his Rampage debut against the Wingmen’s JD Drake for a HOSS FIGHT. Lee took in the fans singing his theme, which annoyed Drake. Drake chopped Lee twice and he didn’t budge. Lee double chopped him and took him down. Lee pounced Drake and he rolled to the outside.

During picture-in-picture, the two exchanged chops on the outside. Drake got in the ring and Lee pulled him in. Drake chopped Lee, who returned the favor with a headbutt. Lee continued abusing Drake with chops. Drake climbed back into the ring to try and escape Lee. Drake yanked Lee’s neck down onto the ropes.

After the break, the big men kept going after each other with chops and head butts. Drake dropkicked Lee into the corner to set up the cannonball. Drake hit Lee with a moonsault.

Lee placed Drake onto the top rope and hit him. Lee caught Drake’s crossbody and then Lee hoisted him on his shoulder for a slam. The Wingmen tried to attack Lee after the match. Hobbs and Starks left commentary to go after Lee. They stopped on the ramp and Orange Cassidy came out to stare them down behind his glasses.

Keith Lee wins by pinfall

We got an exclusive of CM Punk cutting a promo after Dynamite while covered in his own blood.

After the break, Smart Mark Sterling was cutting a promo when Tay Conti surprised Jade Cargill with a Superkick.

Serena Deeb vs. Leila Gray

Last week, Deeb’s match lasted 2:25. When the bell rang, Gray rolled out of the ring. She continued getting in and out of the ring until Deeb grabbed her foot and drug her out. Deeb hit a back snap over the rope.

Deeb won in 58 seconds with a standing headlock. After the match, she put Gray in the Serenity Lock when she was interrupted by a returning Hikaru Shida. Shida attacked Deeb with her trusty kendo stick.

Serena Deeb wins by submission

Ethan Page vs. Christian Cage

This match is for the final spot in the Face of the Revolution ladder match. Page and Cage started off in a lockup. In the corner, Cage slapped Page in the face. Page beat him down to the mat. Cage tossed Page out of the ring, who followed that up with a baseball slide.

During picture-in-picture, Page pushed Cage off the apron and Cage landed in the barricade. Page tossed Cage to the outside again. Cage went under the ring and while Page was posing, tried rolling him up for a pin. Page got Cage down in the corner and kept pummeling him. Cage got to the turnbuckle and Page hit an arm drag off the top rope before putting him in a delayed vertical suplex.

After the break, Cage back elbowed Page repeatedly to get out of a hold. Cage slammed Page’s face into the steps. Cage suplexed Page to the floor. Inside the ring, Cage put Page in the corner to rain down right hands. Page rolled up Cage again to no avail. Cage jumped out of the ring and slapped Page in the face.

Cage hit him with a reverse DDT. Cage went up for a moonsault, but Page went to the other side and hit Cage with a cutter. Cage used the top rope as a weapon before hitting a diving headbutt. Page shoulder tackled Cage to the mat. Cage countered Ego’s Edge with a spear.

Page lawn darted Cage into the ring post. Cage got out to the Ego’s Edge to nail him with the Killswitch to advance to the ladder match.

Jurassic Express came to celebrate with Cage when the Bucks and reDRagon came down to fake them out. O’Reilly and Matt Jackson each had a belt. While they were arguing, Luchasaurus took the titles and Jungle Boy dove over the top rope onto everyone.

Next. Tony Khan confirms that Hangman Page vs. Adam Cole will headline Revolution. dark

Christian Cage wins via pinfall