AEW Revolution: Tony Khan confirms Page & Cole will headline

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During Wednesday’s media call, Tony Khan was asked if and when Britt Baker would main event a pay-per-view. Khan discussed the various matches that Baker has main evented. Earlier in the call, he said that Baker and Thunder Rosa will always be linked. He also called the Lights Out match “a classic” and mentions the multiple Match of the Year awards it won.

At first, Khan wouldn’t commit to who would be main eventing Revolution. He described the match as a  “key, pivotal match on the card”, but isn’t currently the main event. He indicated that he would be open to it.

Khan pointed out the “many of the best matches on pay-per-view were not necessarily the very last match.” Khan also pointed out that Baker has headlined big shows. “A lot of these signature cards, we’ve seen Britt defending the title and this is the toughest test I think she’s faced as a champion or as a pro wrestler. It’s a huge, huge match.

As he continued talking, he says that multiple matches could potentially be the main event. Khan concedes that the AEW World Championship match will close the show. “In this case, Hangman has worked a really long time and that’s a story that the fans have followed a long time. And now Adam Cole is a top contender.”

“I believe Hangman’s match quality bar none–I would have no exceptions to this– since he’s won the title, no one has had better matches. The two matches he’s had with Bryan Danielson and the Texas Deathmatch with Lance Archer have probably been three of the best matches in the company since he won the title, if not the single three best matches in the company since he won the title. So, I am going to give him that spot and Adam Cole that spot and ask them to go out and have a great match as best they can.”

He said that he’s excited for their match, but is also very excited for the AEW Women’s Championship match. While he makes very valid points for the AEW World Championship to close Revolution, some of those same arguments can be made for the women to main event.

Baker and Thunder Rosa have been telling their story for a year. We’re coming up on the one year anniversary of the Lights Out match. Revolution would be the perfect time for them to main event a pay-per-view with it being just weeks from the anniversary of a herstoric match. With all of the big shows that the champ has headlined, its never been on one of the biggest stages. If this is her final match as champion on her first title run, why not let her end it by closing out the show? It would also set Thunder Rosa up to win the title in her first pay-per-view main event.

Their story is the most compelling. While Page has been telling his story for over two years, the actual AEW feud with Cole had only been building for a few weeks. The “D.M.D.” and “La Mera Mera” have been building to the point that it is a main event worthy story. It deserves the same attention and respect as Hangman and Cole, probably even moreso.

AEW is in Year Three, its time for the women to headline a pay-per-view.

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