WWE Raw: Where’s Alexa Bliss is the right question to ask

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Alexa Bliss has been missing from WWE Raw and fans want to see her on television.

If you’ve watched the last few editions of WWE Monday Night Raw, you may have noticed that a particular individual was missing. While it’s common for WWE to not feature everyone on the roster, it was particularly interesting that Alexa Bliss wasn’t on television when Raw was live in her hometown of Columbus, Ohio. In fact, Bliss hasn’t been on television since the Elimination Chamber, creating the idea that her creative direction may have suddenly shifted once again.


Bliss’s absence didn’t go unnoticed. As her fans tweeted to her, she responded simply with the hashtag, #WheresAlexa and “Yeah…I don’t know” after the show ended. Bliss returned at Elimination Chamber in Saudi Arabia on February 19 but hasn’t been mentioned on the show since. Leading up to the chamber match, she was going through therapy sessions that abruptly ended with her announcing that she was joining the match the Monday before.

Even with those pre-taped segments, Bliss has not appeared before a crowd on Monday Night Raw since the lead into her match with Charlotte Flair at Extreme Rules back in September of 2021.


So, the question so “Where’s Alexa?” is the right one to ask. WWE announced her return, taped multiple therapy segments, included her in a big match, then nothing. As with Asuka, another former champion that hasn’t been on television albeit due to injury, the women’s division badly misses more names that could rival those of the Four Horsewomen.

Bliss is an important addition to the women’s roster

Fans are ready for Bliss’s return, but even more so, want to see her do away with the gimmick that is wrapped up in Lily. There are a lot of opinions about how Bliss has been booked while a part of the WWE, but there’s one thing that’s always certain and that is she does her best to make whatever she’s given work. That is a part of what has helped her build a strong fanbase and get quality or consistent booking more so than not.

Perhaps it would be a positive step to move her into a main event angle once WrestleMania season ends. The women’s division needs a new or fresh face to change things up as the frequent cycle of the same names hasn’t helped create excitement for the group. A solidly booked return and run at or near the top for Alexa Bliss could help change that direction.

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Alexa Bliss is a talent that fans either love or hate, but that doesn’t diminish her value to this women’s division. Since her brief return she’s been oddly missing, hopefully not signaling a lack of creative plans. If so, WWE needs to change that as her involvement can help the current direction of the women’s division.