WWE Raw: Team RK-Bro win WWE Raw Tag Team Championships

Randy Orton (R) and Riddle celebrate their win in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Crown Jewel pay-per-view in the Saudi capital Riyadh on October 21, 2021. (Photo by Fayez Nureldine / AFP) (Photo by FAYEZ NURELDINE/AFP via Getty Images)
Randy Orton (R) and Riddle celebrate their win in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Crown Jewel pay-per-view in the Saudi capital Riyadh on October 21, 2021. (Photo by Fayez Nureldine / AFP) (Photo by FAYEZ NURELDINE/AFP via Getty Images) /

The road to WrestleMania is in full swing. Another edition of WWE Monday Night Raw is upon us and there’s a lot to look forward to as the big annual show draws near. But as always, the WWE roster must get through another week of action, including Monday Night Raw.

The night started with a triple threat as Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens teamed against Alpha Academy, with Team RK-Bro as the third pairing.

Rollins and Riddle started out the match with Rollins in control early before tagging out to Owens. Gable tagged into the match and he ran into his own issues with Owens who landed a kick to the face and modified Vader Bomb. He then tagged back out to Rollins, as they hit some tandem offense on Gable for a two count. Rollins hit a big crossbody on Gable and Riddle, tagging back out to Owens.

Owens and Rollins continued to roll, tossing the other teams out where Rollins followed up with a crossbody to the floor. He rolled Gable back in the ring and into the path to a senton bomb for a two count.

Back from the commercial and Otis was running over the opposition, tossing Rollins over the top rope. He then turned his attention to Riddle, bouncing him off the corner. He landed a splash and went for a pin but pulled Riddle up before the three count. Riddle nearly got to Randy Orton to tag out, but Otis cut him off. Otis went for a Vader Bomb of his own, but Riddle rolled out of the way. He was able to get over to Orton to make the tag.

Orton went on a run of offense, hitting a double DDT before calling for the RKO. Gable countered but Rollins could not. Owens made the save just before the match was won, pulling Orton outside. Orton then bounced two men off the table, then he and Riddle teamed up to do the same to Otis.

Once again back from commercial where Riddle nearly pinned Gable. Riddle hit a Floating Bro, but Owens was there to break up the pinfall. He hit a double-up senton, which called Orton to run in for a brawl. Otis put on a display of power, tagging himself in for Gable. They hit a combination Vader Bomb and Moonsault, but Rollins broke the pin attempt. Rollins and Gable ended up on the top rope together with Rollins going for a Superplex but Gable countered. It ended with all three men on the top and Otis tossing them all to the ground.

Another commercial break and this time its Rollins hitting a big stomp to Riddle stuck in the corner. Riddle answered with a flying triangle, but Gable broke it up hitting German Suplexes on anyone that moved. Gable went for the Moonsault but Orton used that to counter in the RKO. Rollins and Owens teamed up to kick Otis out of the ring and isolated Gable, finishing him off with the Stunner and Stomp Combo, but Riddle slid in to make the pinfall and pick up the tag titles.

Matt Riddle and Randy Orton are the new WWE Raw Tag Team Champions

Dana Brooke was out next to defend the WWE 24/7 Championship against Tamina.

Tamina dropped Brooke early, laying into her with punches. She then tossed Brooke aside but missed on her corner attack. Brooke answered with a handspring elbow, but Tamina dropped her with a clothesline. Tamina went for the Boston Crab in the middle of the ring. Brooke rolled through to pin Tamina.

Dana Brooke defeated Tamina via pinfall to retain the WWE 24/7 Championship.

The Miz and Logan Paul were out to promote their upcoming match against Los Mysterios at WrestleMania.

Tag team action was next as Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode took on Bron Breakker and Tommaso Ciampa.

Breakker and Roode started out the match, where Breakker started showing off the power. He held Roode up high in a vertical suplex with ease before sending him to the mat. Ciampa tagged in and continued the offense on Roode, dropping him with a clothesline for a two count. Ziggler made the take, swinging the momentum for his team before the commercial break.


Back from the commercial break and Ciampa was kicking out of a pin attempt. Roode and Ziggler hit a double back elbow, before Roode continued the assault. Ciampa finally got the tag and Breakker went to work on both men, tossing Ziggler over his head with ease. Ziggler tried to jump over Breakker but was planted with a spinebuster. Breakker went for the spear but Ziggler hit a knee to stop his momentum.

Ziggler rolled up Breakker and nearly pinned him but hit the Zig Zag. Ciampa saved the pinfall and eliminated Roode from the match. Breakker push pressed Ziggler into the powerslam to pick up the victory.

Bron Breakker and Tommaso Ciampa defeated Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode via pinfall.

Omos was out next for another squash match. He would face off against Apollo Crews.

Crews landed a big dropkick and strikes to the body, but Omos swatted him away with a big boot. Omos started to pull away at Crews’ limbs, toying with him. Omos knocked Crews from the apron, causing him to crash into the barricade. Omos caught Crews and planted him with the two-handed chokeslam for the win.

Omos defeated Apollo Crews via pinfall.

Edge took a moment to hype up his match with AJ Styles for WrestleMania.

Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley were out for tag team action with a shot to be added to the tag match at WrestleMania.

Morgan and Ripley were in control early of the match, taking turns dominating Carmella. Carmella tagged in Zelina Vega and she didn’t fair any better against the former NXT Champion. Vega was able to hit a big tornado DDT that sent Ripley spilling out to the floor. Carmella followed up with a kick to the face before the commercial.

Back from the commercial and Vega was in control, bouncing Ripley’s face off the mat before tagging in Carmella. She pulled Ripley down by her hair, causing the back of her head to hit the mat. Ripley responded with a stiff kick to Carmella’s face.

Ripley made the tag and Morgan took off against Vega, hitting a dropkick to her face. Vega hit a jawbreaker but that didn’t do enough to stop Morgan’s momentum. Carmella was distracted by Corey Graves outside the ring and that allowed Ripley to come in to hit the Riptide for the victory.

Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan defeat Queen Zelina and Carmella for a shot at WrestleMania.

Finn Balor against Austin Theory was next on WWE Raw.

Theory charged at Balor out of the gate and was battered with kicks and punches. Theory was able to quickly swing things in his favor, grounding Balor and attempting a pinfall. He focused on Balor’s lower back, but Balor was able to counter with a roll through to a dropkick. He laid Theory out with a sling blade before the commercial break.

Theory was back in control after the commercial, hitting a rolling dropkick for a two count. Balor would fire back, landing a forearm and a stomp to the chest. He kept the pressure up, stomping away on Theory on the apron. Theory answered with his own stomp, then a suplex for a two count. Theory then hit a neck breaker, but Balor kicked out again.

Balor was able to counter the ATL, hitting the shotgun dropkick. He went to the top rope but Damian Priest tossed Balor from the top rope, causing the disqualification.

Finn Balor defeated Austin Theory via disqualification.

Kevin Owens stormed out in the main event segment. He went out to rant against Texas wrestlers only to call out one Stone Cold Steve Austin.