Cody Rhodes is not enough to save this lackluster WrestleMania build

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WrestleMania is a little more than two weeks away. The card hasn’t developed a lot of excitement as fans are looking for something new and interesting to make this a “must-see” event. One of the angles heading into the show surrounds Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins trying to find a way onto the card. This is coupled with the speculation that Cody Rhodes is going to be a major opponent for Rollins at WrestleMania. While this is a big matchup, Rhodes’s walking through that curtain isn’t enough to save this underwhelming build.

Rhodes’s departure from All Elite Wrestling was a major story that has died down a bit in recent days. No one is quite clear on his next steps, as rumors and speculation continue to run rampant about what may or may not be next for his career. After being a central figure in the establishment of AEW, going back to WWE would be a huge moment for him, the WWE, and future contract talks with performers if the outcome lands in a positive sense.

But Rhodes can’t save the build and perhaps final perception of this show. One thing to say, however, if Rollins and Rhodes met in a singles match, they would tear the house down. Both men are in their prime as performers, continuing to elevate their game whenever they are in the spotlight. Rhodes versus Rollins in a twenty-minute classic at WrestleMania would easily be a WWE Match of the Year candidate.

Unfortunately, this still isn’t enough to save WrestleMania’s build and the show overall. There’s a lot on this card but very little that justifies this as a two-day mega-event. Even less-so generate fan excitement around the WWE product, currently and for the future.

Even the weekly shows leading into WrestleMania are starting to get blowback for the frequent Rhodes innuendo. Buzzwords are thrown into promos and commentary, leading some fans to be upset with the outcome of the product when Rhodes doesn’t make an appearance. While the company hasn’t outright announced him, leading fans down a path of hopefulness just to potentially let them down doesn’t bode well. Along with that, there’s the standing question of is Rhodes that guy to be booked as a top star in WWE? If WWE’s current run of booking is an answer, things do not bode well in the long run.

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Fans should be hopeful that Cody Rhodes faces Seth Rollins at WrestleMania. It’s the type of match that can steal the show. But the build to not only this potential surprise match, but the entire card has been such a letdown that Rhodes’s appearance isn’t enough to save the event.