AEW must book Scorpio Sky as a strong TNT champion

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Scorpio Sky made important history when he defeated Sammy Guevara to become the AEW TNT Champion. It was a big moment that should be celebrated, full stop. Now that he is champion, the promotion must be intentional with booking him as a strong champion just as the others who’ve held that belt. The pitchfork mob is ready with their “I told you so” think pieces, but a Scorpio Sky title run is long overdue and should be treated with its respect.

The response to the Wardlow versus Scorpio Sky title match on AEW Dynamite was a spectacle. The company booked itself into a tough position, where they couldn’t snatch the title off Sky after one week, while Wardlow has been on a surge that’s ready to explode. The angle with MJF is there for the taking and was the path out for the finish, but there’s a narrative growing around the perception of Sky coming out of that loss.

The idea of making a champion look “weak” is something that comes up a lot when talking about WWE’s booking, but not often regarding AEW. There were online complaints about “Hangman” Adam Page’s title run or whether Britt Baker lost momentum as the AEW World Women’s Champion, and those opinions can be valid when held in good faith. AEW must avoid putting Sky in the same type of position as champion.

It will be interesting to see how AEW books Sky as one of the many focal points of this company while there are so many other demands for the spotlight. Cody, Brodie Lee, Darby Allin, and Miro had the “benefit” of being champion during a time when AEW didn’t have a roster as packed as it is today. Their matches, promos, and angles were given prominent booking to establish the TNT title the proverbial “working” belt of the company (even though all champions do their fair share of working).

Then there was Sammy Guevara’s title run. Even though Guevara was putting on exceptional matches, there was an idea that his title run didn’t feel important. The Cody Rhodes victory in the middle of it continued that narrative, even as he excelled with some of the best matches in the company.

That brings the belt to Sky’s waist. That opening match didn’t go a long way to set the tone of what’s to come. AEW will have to make sure that he doesn’t fall into the background in a stable that includes Ethan Page, the loud Dan Lambert, and Paige VanZant. He needs a consistent run of strong angles with strong matches without the shenanigans one would find on Monday, Tuesday, or the other Friday show. If his title run is more sports entertainment than professional wrestling, the voices that are prepared to denigrate the AEW product to fit their narrative are prepared to come running.

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AEW has provided several meaningful title runs that are more well-received than not. Scorpio Sky’s moment has finally come and he needs to receive the same type of long-term booking that benefits him and the title for the future.