AEW Rampage: Keith Lee dominates in the main event


AEW Rampage is on late this week due to March Madness. It comes to us from San Antonio, Texas.

Darby Allin w/Sting vs. Butcher w/ Blade & The Bunny

No entrances for this one. Allin began by ducking Butcher and then got him in the corner to hit him with tackles. Butcher put Allin into the other corner and pushed him out of the ring and made him hit his head on the camera. Allin was slow to get in the ring. Once on the apron, he slapped Butcher in his face. He then went for a tope suicidia and his shoulder hit Butcher in the sternum, but Allin took the brunt of it.

Butcher caught Allin trying to do a Coffin Drop. Butcher put Allin down on the mat. Allin bit Butcher’s fingers and Butcher hit him in the head and put him on his back. Allin once again bit Butcher’s fingers and paid with a stomp to the gut.

Butcher put Allin face first in the turnbuckle. He flipped Allin inside out with a lariat. Butcher swung Allin around by the neck. Butcher kicked Allin out of the ring and stomped on him on the outside. Butcher hit Allin with a lariat and turned him inside out again.

In picture-in-picture, Butcher continued to dominate. He threw Allin into the ring post and shoulder tackled him in the ring.

After the break, Allin was put in the Cloverleaf and then power bombed. Allin finally made it to the rope with Sting’s encouragement. With Allin on the floor, Butcher set up for a powerbomb, but Allin pulled himself on the rope. Allin got on Butcher’s back but gets rammed into ring post. Butcher swung Allin into the barricade twice, followed by the steps. Butcher ran knee first into the steps. Allin stomped on Butcher’s fingers before hitting a Destroyer. Allin followed with a Coffin Drop to the outside.

Allin beat the 10-count for the win.

After the match, Andrade El Idolo and Jose the Assistant came out while Private Party attacked Sting and Allin from behind. Blade joined in. El Idolo slapped Allin the face as The Hardys music hit. A.F.O. went to the outside when Matt called for them to fight now. El Idolo, Blade, and Private Party jumped on the apron, but decided to leave.

Hardy challenged them to a match on Dynamite to an eight-man Texas Tornado tag match.

You can listen to the Scorpio Sky portion and skip Dan Lambert shaming Tay Conti because he’s unimaginative and cuts promos like it’s 1999.

“Legit” Leyla Hirsch vs. Red Velvet

Red Velvet is ranked number five in the women’s division. If you’re keeping track, Hirsch and Red Velvet got entrances. Hirsch attacked Red Velvet while she was making her way down the ramp. Red Velvet suplexed her opponent.

Hirsch hit a standing moonsault once they go into the ring. Hirsch put Red Velvet in the corner and chopped her several times. Red Velvet got Hirsch in the opposite corner where she beat her down and then stood on the ropes to punch her head. Hirsch got out and knocked her down with a leg sweep. Hirsch continued to dominate into picture-in-picture.

During picture-in-picture, Hirsch had Red Velvet in the corner again and stomped on her. Red Velvet tried fighting back, but Hirsch still had the upper hand. Hirsch knelt down to talk to her and pushed Velvet down and followed that with a suplex. Red Velvet got in some offense.

After the break, Velvet took back control, including a bulldog. Hirsch suplexed her opponent and followed with a German suplex and put her in an armbar. Velvet scooted to the rope to touch it with her foot. Velvet kicked Hirsch out of the ring. Hirsch grabbed a turnbuckle. Kris Statlander stopped her and Red Velvet hit Hirsch with a corkscrew kick for the win.

Red Velvet wins via pinfall

House of Black vs. Bear Country & Fuego Del Sol

House of Black got their awesome entrance televised. Bear Bronson started the match off against Black. Black immediately swept the leg and put Bronson in an armbar. Bronson tagged in Fuego and Black took him down and took down Boulder. Black put Bronson in an armbar before tagging in Matthews. Matthews quickly put Bronson down. King hit a senton and then put him over the top rope.

Fuego went for a springboard, but King punched him mid-air. HOB were all in the ring against Boulder. Black hit him with a boot and Matthews kicked him the knee. King hit him with a lariat. Fuego snuck up on the top rope and dropkicked King. He got in a bit of offense. There were a lot of shenanigans. Matthews planted Fuego and got the win.

House of Black wins via pinfall

Keith Lee vs. Max Caster w/ Anthony Bowens

Both men got an entrance and Caster’s rap wasn’t cringe.

Lee stood on the boombox and basked in the fans basking in his glory. Caster ducked from Lee and celebrated with jumping jacks. Caster pushed the back of Lee’s head. Lee then had him in a knuckle lock and picked him up over his shoulder. Caster hit an uppercut and a dropkick. Lee shoulder tackled Caster. Caster kept his arm over the rope and then hit Lee with a right hand. Lee leapt over Caster. Lee threw Caster over his shoulder. Powerhouse Hobbs came out to stare down Lee.

During picture-in-picture, Caster hit Lee from behind. Caster tried to put him into the steps. They traded blows and Lee put Caster into the barricade. Caster attempted to get in the ring, but was dragged out. He got slammed into the barricade and overhand chopped with both hands. Lee tossed Caster back into the ring and had a staredown with Bowens.

Caster jumped across the ring and dropkicked Lee. He followed up with another kick to the face and hit him with a forearm. Lee double chopped Caster again. Caster dropkicked Lee. He then stood on Lee’s back and then Bowens attacked Lee while Aubrey was distracted.

After the break, Caster continued his offense. Lee stood up with Caster on his back. Caster was pounced to the apron. Lee tossed Caster across the ring. Caster struggled to stand and Lee started to help him up when Caster kicked him in the knee. Caster tried to lift Lee, but gave up. Lee headbutted him and double overhand chopped him. Lee suplexed Caster for the pin.

Hobbs went down the ramp to face Lee and was met by Lee’s fists. Starks came to his rescue. They were joined by The Acclaimed to beat up Lee. Swerve came out with a chair and everyone scattered. Swerve and Lee shook hands and Lee put Swerve’s hand in the air.

dark. Next. Scorpio Sky must be booked as a dominant TNT Champion

Keith Lee won via pinfall