Wrestling Spotlight: Alundra Blayze is an icon of professional wrestling


Every fan knows what Alundra Blayze has contributed to wrestling. She’s a three-time WWE women’s champion and the first woman to ever hold the WCW cruiserweight championship. She eventually became a member of the WWE Hall of fame 2015.

Alundra has accomplished a lot in her career, but it came with a price as she fought in and out of the ring. With all she went through, it’s easy for us to root for Alundra Blayze to come back in the ring again.

Why Alundra Blayze should come back in the wrestling ring.

From the very beginning, Alundra was cheated out of getting the recognition she deserved during her time in WWE. The focus at the time was on the main event and not much else was given to the women’s division at the time.

When rewatching Alundra during that time, she was way before her time. She oozed charisma and pure athleticism, which is something widely seen in today’s wrestling. Even with the spotlight not fully on her, she still managed to take the very little and turn it into something big.

The industry as a whole didn’t focus on women’s wrestling and there are many names that may never get recognition for their time. Alundra keeping her head down and remaining strong as a leader fighting this big battle was something that would eventually all pay off many years later.

Alundra Blayze when she went against Bull Nakano was a spectacular match and it tends to be the first match fans think about when they think about her time as a champion. This match would have been the main event or co-main event in any company in this modern era.

To be very honest, the pay-off should have happened when she made the jump from WWE to WCW. Alundra made the transition to Madusa, a name that will forever be associated with when she took the WWE women’s championship and dumped it in the trash.

This was the biggest act of war for the Monday night Wars and it gave WCW a lot of leverage. For the first time ever, Alundra had the spotlight on her at that very moment. It seemed like the beginning of a new era not only for WCW but women’s wrestling as well.

Alundra broke the spirit of WWE and the women’s championship disappeared for almost three years until it came back in 1998. That was the perfect opportunity for WCW to use Madusa and do something that would have crushed WWE.

They had her on the roster, but nothing came out of it, any ambitions for a women’s championship in WCW were quickly abandoned. This would prove to be a move that would be an underrated factor to the turning point for WCW.


WWE eventually brought back the women’s championship, but the women’s division changed from the time of Alundra Blayze. The face of the women’s division at that time was Sable and the women’s division took a different direction to fit their attitude.

WCW took a horrible misstep by not responding strongly, which put Madusa in a worse situation than before. WWE didn’t give the women’s division the proper respect, while WCW didn’t have any ambitions for a women’s division and focused on the main guys in a similar fashion that WWE did.

Madusa eventually won the WCW Cruiserweight Championship in 1999, which coincided with the countdown to WCW’s eventual demise. By this point, it was too late and it was clear that WWE had an edge.

This would have led to the final moments in her full-time career as a wrestler with an end of her career. Her retirement was overshadowed by many other infamous moments that happened in the final years of WCW.

One can imagine that things would have gone differently for WCW if they only realized what a gold mine they had in Madusa. They literally had someone who was before her time and would have given WCW more adulation for women’s wrestling.

One last wrestling glory for Alundra Blayze.

Alundra gave her all to wrestling even during the hardest times, and the industry didn’t give much in return. Having her wrestle in 2022 would be perfect for her to end it on her terms. When she retired, it was too quiet for someone of her caliber and accolades.

Today, women’s wrestling has evolved and it’s to the point that women are main events and attractions in WWE, AEW, NWA, Impact, and all of independent wrestling. A great change that contrasts from over twenty years ago when she retired.

The joy Alundra feels today can’t be measured and she watches along with fans as the women continue to make history. Her love for wrestling is as strong today as it was when she held the women’s championship. The conversations lead to fans wondering how long it will be before she steps back into the ring

There have been many wrestlers who kept going for many years including Undertaker, Sting, Dave Taylor, and many others. It would only be proper to give Alundra that same respect that was given to them.

Recently, Ivory made an appearance in the WWE Royal Rumble at sixty years old. Even though it was a one-off appearance, it’s very encouraging that there will be more from the women’s division making comebacks, especially since so many could still honestly go full-time.

Alundra should have a piece of the action in this new era not just as an in-ring comeback, but making everything right that happened a little over twenty years ago that made it unfair for her not just as a competitor, but a person who loved what she did for a living.

The hope is that fans and every company major and independent will realize this and give Alundra Blayze a chance to bask in the full glory of everything that she had a hand in preparing fans for many years ago.

She still has a strong presence in wrestling with sporadic appearances through various promotions. Seeing her witness the great change has been the best feeling, but there is room for a few more matches as gratitude for a legend who gave even when it hurt.

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Every legend deserves to have their career officially end on the highest note possible after what they have contributed to wrestling. Alundra Blayze has done that and more and should have a whole tour of matches to bring closure after everything she has gone through and accomplished in wrestling.