Wrestling Spotlight: A close look at Katie Forbes unique journey


When asking a fan about Katie Forbes, there will be about fifty different answers. She is loved by many, but to others, she is controversial. She has built a reputation for herself in many ways, and sometimes the line is blurred between her two worlds of wrestling and her other endeavors.

That blurred line can make it hard for fans to see past her other endeavors. When taking a look at Katie’s wrestling career, the blurred line disappears and fans realize she offers a whole lot more to wrestling than many realize.

Katie Forbes unique wrestling career.

Katie is not any ordinary wrestler and that much was made clear from the very beginning. The first experience of Katie Forbes was through WOW Superheroes. She went by the name Khloe Hurtz and she had a unique presence that made her stand out.

Watching Katie wrestle for the first time was shocking initially since the first impression is that she would be a power wrestler. Her offense was heavy on athleticism, which included her handspring back elbow and a deceptive quickness that serves great for pinning combos.

She had a shot at the WOW championship and put her talent on full display. Even though Katie came up short in her championship match, it left a lasting impression. The story she told to get to that championship match was a home run in terms of gaining a reaction. This prepared fans for what was going to happen next in her career.

That brings us to when she came to Impact Wrestling paired with her real-life husband Rob Van Dam. The most interesting aspect came later when RVD gradually turned heel and Katie Forbes played a major role in this new era for the hall of fame superstar.

RVD in TNA was very similar to his time in WWE and it carried over to the era of Impact Wrestling. Katie has been known for her lavish and fabulous lifestyle as seen in WOW, and it all carried over during her run in Impact Wrestling.

For the first time in a very long time, RVD was a full-fledge heel and reinvented himself in ways no one imagined. The alliance was so spicy for Impact, they had to put a viewership disclaimer after some steamy segments.

By this point, RVD was unrecognizable with Katie Forbes by his side. That’s the power Katie possesses, especially with her antics that seem to push all the right buttons on fans. Her timing has always been perfect in a wrestling match and segments with or without a crowd.

This led to their most unique rivalry during the pandemic when Katie was front and center for a rivalry between Rob Van Dam and Sami Callihan. Even with no crowd there, Katie was able to sell it and push the bounds.

This accumulated to a final segment where Katie was to give five minutes in the ring with Sami after RVD came out victorious. The final moment saw Katie taking a packaged piledriver to end the chapter in that rivalry and their time in Impact Wrestling.

After their run with Impact Wrestling came to an end, there were some conversations about whether Katie Forbes is too hot for television, and it has led to questioning if a promotion like WWE would ever sign her.

It’s no question Katie has antics that stirs controversy, but that’s who she is, and how so many fans have come to know and love her through the years. Even though Katie may be controversial to some degree, she is far from the most controversial in the event she does get picked up by WWE.

She is perhaps one of the most talented wrestlers when looking beyond the antics, controversy, and her other endeavors. She can stir up controversy in a segment and stir fans up because of how athletic she is in the ring.

She can put on good matches and most of all tell a story, which makes her a true diamond in wrestling for all major promotions. She did that while with WOW and again in Impact as she had a hand in reinventing RVD.

Katie has continued to make her presence felt in the independent wrestling circuit, particularly River City Wrestling. She even has a notable match coming up fast at RCWMania on April 2nd as she teams up with Madi Wrenkowski and Rob Van Dam against Jimmy Wang Yang, Jazzy Yang, and Ki Vibez.

Seeing the duo in the ring once more will surely be a blast from the past picking up where they left off during their Impact Wrestling run. No matter what, fans will not want to miss this match and any future RCW shows, especially if Katie Forbes is involved.

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Hopefully, fans in the future will look at Katie Forbes differently as a wrestler and realize she’s so much more than her controversy and endeavors, she’s a genuine worker who knows how to get any desired reactions out of crowds. No matter where Katie ends up next, fans surely won’t want to miss it.