WWE Raw: Bianca Belair cuts Becky Lynch’s hair


It’s WrestleMania Raw, the new name for the go-home show heading into WWE’s biggest annual showcase. All the main players were set for the show from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and expectations were set for some altercations to occur.

Brock Lesnar started out the night with the WWE Championship in tow. He clearly intends to walk into WrestleMania with one title over his shoulder and leave with two with a win over Roman Reigns.

The first match of the night brought out The Miz to take on Rey Mysterio in singles action. The Miz brought out Logan Paul in a Mysterio mask which was interrupted by a brawl when the Mysterios came out. Dominick was tossed, ejected from ringside.

The match starts with The Miz starting off in control, but Mysterio immediately fired back with kicks and a head scissors takedown. The distraction outside the ring allowed The Miz to slam Mysterio into the barricade and plant him with a DDT.

Coming out of commercial and Mysterio landed a seated senton on The Miz. He continued the attack but was distracted by Paul on the outside. The Miz tried to hit a powerbomb but Mysterio rolled him up to capture the pinfall.

Rey Mysterio defeated The Miz via pinfall.

Omos was out for a two-on-one handicap match against the Viking Raiders.

Omos immediately runs through Erik, knocking him from the ring with ease. Erik was knocked out of the ring and Omos wins via count-out.

Omos defeated The Viking Raiders via count out.

Omos gloated about another victory, but Bobby Lashley interrupted the celebration. Omos bullied Lashley early, but the former champion was able to knock Omos from his feet and to the floor.

Roman Reigns was out next to promote the upcoming match with Brock Lesnar.

A big eight-woman tag match was up next. Sasha Banks, Naomi, Liv Morgan, and Rhea Ripley took on Shayna Baszler, Naomi, Queen Zelina, and Carmella.

Natalya and Morgan started things off, with Morgan taking Natalya back to their corner where Ripley mag the tag. She tossed Natalya down before making the tag to Naomi. Natalya was able to reverse the position, isolating Naomi on the other side of the ring. Zelina tagged in, stomping Naomi down before Natalya took over, tagging in Sasha Banks.

Banks went for the pin attempt but Carmella broke things up. All eight women traded trademark moves with Banks almost hitting the backstabber before being pulled out the ring. Zelina tossed her into the barricade then hit double knees heading into the commercial break.

Back from the commercial and Carmella had Banks in a choke. Banks was able to fight back, hitting the backstabber on Carmella. Baszler tagged in and cut Banks off, throwing her into the corner. Baszler hit the stretch muffler and tagged in Natalya. They hit the Hart Attack, but Zelina tried to make the tag and pinfall. That caused all four women to start brawling.

Banks used that opening to tag in Naomi, they hit a series of tags, leading to Ripley hitting the Riptide to pick up the victory.

Rhea Ripley, Sasha Banks, Liv Morgan, and Naomi win via pinfall.

Kevin Owens was out next for some heated words directed at Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Ricochet was out next to take on Austin Theory in a singles match.

Theory pounced on Ricochet quickly, stomping him in the corner before hitting a Fallaway Slam. Ricochet responded with a rolling dropkick. Ricochet hit some more offense, capping it off with a springboard clothesline and a standing shooting star press for a two count. Theory tried to counter back but took a kick to the head. Ricochet went up top but Theory hit the ropes to stop him. He went right into the ATL and picked up the win.

Austin Theory defeated Ricochet via pinfall.

Bianca Belair was out next to promote her match against Becky Lynch at WrestleMania. As Belair went on, Lynch tried a sneak attack but the challenger was ready. Lynch brought out scissors, but it was Belair who turned the tables after two KODs, cutting Lynch’s hair out in chunks.


Drew McIntyre was out next for a two-on-one handicap match against Baron Corbin and Madcap Moss.

McIntyre and Corbin locked up, with McIntyre winning the struggle, intimidating Corbin to tag in Moss. McIntyre started to assault Moss, beating him down in the corner. McIntyre tossed Moss over his head with suplexes, and then hit a neck breaker. McIntyre tossed Moss into the corner, but Corbin refused to make the tag, instead walking away from the ring.

McIntyre laid out Moss with a punch and hit the Claymore to pick up the victory.

Drew McIntyre defeated Mad Capp Moss and Happy Corbin via pinfall.

Corbin attacked McIntyre right after the bell, laying out the former champion with the End of Days.

Edge promoted his match against AJ Styles in a brief video and Styles had his own response.

Rick Boogz and Shinsuke Nakamura were out next to commentate the main event tag match between The Usos and Team RK Bro.

Jimmy and Randy Orton started things off. Orton dropped Jimmy, bringing in Matt Riddle to continue the offense. The Usos bailed when they nearly took dual RKOs, but the Raw tag champions joined them, bouncing the twins off the announce table before the commercial break.

Back from commercial and Orton regained the advantage, laying Jimmy out with a clothesline and stopping away on him. Riddle came in and hit a gut wrench suplex. Jimmy was able to get to Jey to make the tag. They were both countering until Jey hit the Samoan Drop with a two count. That allowed the Usos to isolate him on their side of the ring.

Riddle was able to fight back to his feet, but Jey cut him off again. The Usos tossed Riddle over the barricade heading into another commercial. Riddle was finally able to land some offense of his own and get over to Orton to make the tag.

Orton landed his snap powerslam, but Jey stopped him from hitting the DDT. Jey took his own powerslam for his troubles. Riddle kicked Jimmy on the outside and hit the Floating Bro while Orton hit the DDT. Before Orton could hit the RKO, The Street Profits attacked, causing the DQ.

Team RK-Bro defeat The Usos via disqualification.