WWE NXT Stand and Deliver Predictions: Dolph Ziggler Will Choke Again

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LA Knight vs. Walter [Grudge Match]

Walter will defeat LA Knight to solidify the dominance of their faction with Imperium. There is a higher probability that LA Knight will be called up to the main roster after this loss. He does not really have much more to do in NXT 2.0 and could be a greater asset to the depleted SmackDown roster. There is not much of a storyline here between LA Knight and Walter. LA Knight was spending most of his time feuding with and putting over Grayson Waller, so this impromptu match seems to be a momentum builder for Walter that will write off LA Knight to the main roster.

Prediction: Walter

Tomasso Ciampa vs. Tony D’Angelo [Grudge Match]

Tomasso Ciampa will defeat Tony D’Angelo because he should not be losing to someone who already lost to Pete Dunne inside a steel cage. Tony D’Angelo’s momentum is on a downward spiral lately, so he is definitely not ready to defeat Ciampa. It can be argued that Ciampa has been on Raw recently, which symbolizes a slight chance of a call-up to the red brand. Henceforth, it would make sense for him to lose here and be exclusive to Raw after WrestleMania. However, the standard of proof for defeating a former NXT Champion needs to be higher at the end of the day.

Prediction: Tomasso Ciampa