WWE NXT Stand and Deliver Predictions: Dolph Ziggler Will Choke Again

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Mandy Rose (c) vs. Cora Jade vs. Io Shirai vs. Kay Lee Ray [NXT Women’s Title]

Mandy Rose will retain the NXT Women’s Championship because she can easily attain a nefarious victory after Io Shirai and Kay Lee Ray carry this match. If Mandy Rose is going to be the NXT Women’s Champion, she must know how to carry matches because these multi-superstar title matches won’t last forever. It was completely asinine that Shirai and KLR won a tag team tournament that should have warranted a tag team title opportunity but instead translated to a singles title opportunity. That makes absolutely no sense.

This booking decision makes both titles and the Dusty Rhodes Classic Tournament itself less valuable because an NXT Women’s Title opportunity is nonsensically being earned by winning a tag team tournament. Also, it was made clear that the NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles have lost so much prestige that Shirai and KLR don’t even want those titles if they are willing to sacrifice that opportunity for a 25 percent chance in a fatal four way for the NXT Women’s Title. A “high risk, high reward” argument can be made but the logistics here still lack logical structure and development.

Prediction: Mandy Rose

Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Bron Breakker [NXT Title]

Bron Breakker will win back the NXT Championship from Dolph Ziggler because Ziggler’s title reigns have a proclivity of never lasting long. Ziggler’s title reign was merely used as a crutch to reestablish himself as someone more than a hand or utility guy who can never win a match. Now, when Breaker defeats Ziggler one on one at this PPV, his victory will mean more. Breakker really has nothing to worry about momentum-wise because he was protected in that triple threat loss due to Ciampa being pinned. Hopefully, his second reign will be better than his first.

Prediction: Bron Breakker

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