WWE: Three NXT names that should be called up after WrestleMania

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WWE Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa
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1. Tommaso Ciampa

Tommaso Ciampa is scheduled to have a match against Tony D’Angelo at NXT Stand and Deliver. This might be his last match on NXT. And it should be his last match because Ciampa should move on to Raw or Smackdown.

Ciampa has done all he could do in NXT. He’s a former NXT Tag Team Champion and a two-time NXT Champion. He’s been in NXT for seven years. It’s time for Ciampa to move on and go to Raw or Smackdown.

Even though Ciampa did make a couple of appearances on Raw this year already, he is technically still a member of the NXT roster. I can put him on this list since he’s not on the main roster as of right now. He had matches with Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode during his time on Raw. Ciampa even had a tag team match with Bron Breakker against Roode and Ziggler.

The only issue with Ciampa being on the main roster moving forward is his health. Can he stay injury-free? He injured his neck on an episode of Smackdown in February 2019 and didn’t come back until October of that same year.

It looks like he can stay healthy since he’s been injury-free since October 2019 and since he wrestled on Raw a few times this year. As long as he can stay healthy, he should be on the main roster and wrestle there.

Whether he’s on Raw or Smackdown, Ciampa can help out with the US title picture or the IC title picture. And he can be a new opponent for Roman Reigns because Reigns going to need to face newer competitors once the Brock Lesnar feud is over.

Ciampa will most likely be on Raw since he appeared on the show a couple of times already. He can face Ziggler again. After that match, he can start a program with Seth Rollins. And Ciampa can face the United States champion later in the year. He should win the title too.

Whatever show Tommaso Ciampa goes to, it should not be on NXT. His time on NXT is over. He was there for seven years, it’s time for him to move on. He will be a valuable piece on the main roster because he’ll great in the mid-card and he can be a great foil to Roman Reigns.