WWE: Top 5 WrestleMania moments of all time

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 17: Actor and WWE personality "Stone Cold" Steve Austin speaks at Silicon Valley Comic Con at the San Jose Convention Center on August 17, 2019 in San Jose, California. (Photo by Bill Watters/Getty Images)
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 17: Actor and WWE personality "Stone Cold" Steve Austin speaks at Silicon Valley Comic Con at the San Jose Convention Center on August 17, 2019 in San Jose, California. (Photo by Bill Watters/Getty Images) /

Night one of WWE WrestleMania 38 is just three days away. WWE superstars work as hard as they can for the opportunity to perform on this card – hoping to steal the show on “The Grandest Stage of Them All.”

This extravaganza has shaped the careers of Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, The Undertaker, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Charlotte Flair, and Triple H – each having WrestleMania moments that helped define their legacies.

Boyhood dreams have come true, and new eras have begun at this premium live event.

Below are the top five moments in the history of “The Showcase of the Immortals.”

5. “Stone Cold, Stone Cold, Stone Cold” – WrestleMania XIV

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin was well on his way to being WWE’s biggest star in the build-up to WrestleMania XIV. When he left that event as WWE Champion – Jim Ross’ words, “the Austin era has begun,” as the show ended – were factual.

It was the “Texas Rattlesnakes” first WWE title, and he beat one of the all-time greats – Shawn Michaels – which made the victory that much sweeter for him.

WWE and WCW were in the middle of the “Monday Night Wars” in 1998. Nitro won the first two head-to-heads after this WrestleMania – but WWE Raw won the next three out of four – Austin’s title win helped turn the ratings in the Stamford outfit’s favor.

Austin went on to win the main prize in the company five more times after this, but that night in Massachusetts will always be his most important, as it kick-started one of the most successful periods in WWE history.

4. Becky Two Belts – WrestleMania 35

Becky Lynch’s rise to the top of WWE’s women’s division is the stuff of dreams. After spending five years trying to discover the best version of herself – Lynch hit the jackpot in 2019 – when she became “The Man.”

Lynch was no stranger to success. She became the inaugural WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion three years earlier – but that was nothing compared to winning the first-ever all-female WrestleMania main event – in the 35th edition of the show.

Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair walked into MetLife Stadium as Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champions – but Lynch left the building with both titles – handing “The Baddest Women on the Planet” her first loss in the process.

By creating history – Lynch-inspired future generations to try and duplicate her success – others may not have thought it was possible until she did it. Lynch is one of the biggest stars in the modern era because of that unforgettable night in New Jersey. No woman has reached her level of popularity since – her run may never be topped.

3. “YEStleMania” – WrestleMania 30

Daniel Bryan was never supposed to headline WrestleMania – let alone leave 30 as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Bryan was in NXT four years before his epic win in New Orleans – WWE did not have faith in him. Triple H branding him a “B+ player” in the build to the match with show was a mixture of Vince McMahon’s genuine thoughts and storyline.

The WWE Universe knew better than The Authority, cheering Bryan louder and louder during every event until they were heard. The “Yes Movement” was a phenomenon – they were the main reason Bryan was pushed – it was impossible to ignore how over he was. It was an organic reaction.

Fans could relate to disliking their boss – they sympathized with Bryan – that is why him overcoming Triple H, Batista, and Randy Orton on the same night to win the title was so special.

75,000 people screaming “yes, yes, yes” as Bryan held both titles while standing on the English announce table is one of the most iconic WWE visuals of all time – it deserves a place on this list. The culmination of a true underdog story.

2. “The Heist of the Century” – WrestleMania 31

There may never be a more dramatic conclusion to a WrestleMania main event than Seth “Freakin” Rollins cashing in his Money In The Bank contract during the match between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns to win the WWE Championship.

Rollins ran to the squared circle with his gold briefcase in hand in the closing stages of the bout as his foes lay prone on the mat. Once in the ring – he gave to Mike Chioda – which drew a rapturous reception from the WWE Universe inside Levi Stadium. The singles match was now a triple threat – marking the first time in history a Money In The Bank contract had been cashed in during a title contest.

As Lesner scooped Rollins up for an F-5, Reigns hit the mayor of Suplex City with a Spear, while “The Big Dog” made his way to his feet – “The Architect” hit him with a Curb Stop to seal the biggest win of his career.

Fans looked on in disbelief at what they had just witnessed – Michael Cole summed it up perfectly as the show went off the air – Rollins had pulled off “the heist of the century.”

1. KofiMania – WrestleMania 35

Kofi Kingston signed a developmental deal with WWE in 2006 – it took him 12 years to win the most prestigious prize in the company – it was worth the wait.

When Kingston hit Trouble In Paradise on Daniel Bryan to become the first-full African American-born WWE Champion in the company’s 66-year history – the crowd in New Jersey erupted.

Big E and Xavier Woods cried real tears as they lifted Kingston in the air – the latter’s wife and children joined in with the celebrations. Kingston had worked his entire life for this – these scenes are among the most iconic images ever in WWE.

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“The Greatest Spectacle in Sports Entertainment” has hosted several feel-good moments in 37 years – the beginning of Kingston’s 180-day title run is among the best.