Bianca Belair deserves the nickname “Ms. WrestleMania”


WrestleMania has long stood as one of the most important annual professional wrestling events. Every year, WWE finds a way to put on its biggest show, recently expanding to two days. Performers bring out their best on the grandest stage, with Shawn Michaels earning the nickname “Mr. WrestleMania” for giving fans moment after moment. Some are tabbing Bianca Belair as “Ms. WrestleMania” for how well she’s done on the grandest stage of them all and it is a nickname that fits.

While the idea of “Mr. WrestleMania” was an arbitrary nickname that WWE threw on Michaels, it fit. Throughout his career, he was known for putting on some of the most important matches on the card. It didn’t matter if Michaels was in a title program or having another high-stakes match, he delivered time and time again.

While the history-making moments would begin in 1994 when he and Razor Ramon had one of their important ladder matches, Michaels’s history at WrestleMania dates to 1989. From that point, Michaels would have exceptional moments with the likes of Bret Hart, Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Triple H, Kurt Angle, Vince McMahon, John Cena, Ric Flair, and The Undertaker. It was almost like he was determined to outdo himself each year. Often time he succeeded.

Belair is putting together her own historic legacy at WrestleMania.

The wins over Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 37 and 38 respectively were two of the most highly praised moments of those events. Banks and Belair won multiple awards for their historic match, while Lynch and Belair kept fans on the edge of their seats from start to finish. Even before that, think back to the Women’s Battle Royal in 2018 where Belair stole the moment of the match, hitting a 450 splash while the world watched.

It is still very early in Belair’s career. She’s been with the WWE since 2016 and her growth as a performer is immeasurable. She’s a consummate fan favorite and one of the only new stars the company has successfully built-in years. Fans are behind her every moment and she should be expected to have plenty more at WrestleMania’s to come.

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WWE has an incredibly special talent in Bianca Belair. She’s been one of the main topic points coming out of the last two WrestleManias. If she continues to keep up these types of performances, she will not be able to run from being recognized as “Ms. WrestleMania.”